Would Buddha Troll?

If you read someone's blog or work and you're sitting in judgement on them then it is your problem to deal with not theirs.  I see things that distress and upset me.  Intolerance dressed in faith,  hatred disguised as a certainty without equanimity. I've commented before but it made no difference and it certainly did … Continue reading Would Buddha Troll?


Surfing the Internet

I found the A Voice For Men website. Ugh was my initial reaction then it mellowed into a sadness for them.  So many wounded angry boys railing against their own wounds. I'm going to read now and meditate. I hope that they find peace.

Life of a thousand cuts

When you rework sentences from passive to active and you cut the pieces that look like writing. I have a tendency to tell, but I do so pleasantly. It's probably something I should work on but I know that it has it's place but unpacking the tell and spread it out, weave it into the … Continue reading Life of a thousand cuts

All Will Be Well

this¬†inspired me greatly. There's a lot of people who are damaged in some way. I use the term wounded because it has strong roots in history and mythology and it has a resonance that's mythical to us. I speak only as a man here. I've been studying buddhism and masculinity for about two years. So … Continue reading All Will Be Well

Inconstant Mourner

When you talk about someone famous dying, it is about you. A contemplation is a reflection that he's gone. And you're a good Mourner Sharing cow eyed recollections For the ones you want to be seen To care for You attend to be seen But seldom exchange Kindnesses with relatives

The Unspeakable World

I practice compassion.  The last few years have been about improving and developing my self,  including the concept of there being no self to improve.  I started a Twitter account and I'm being far more cautious about it this time.  I found some of the things people said horribly cruel and unnecessary.  I still do. … Continue reading The Unspeakable World