Look at the trees Stripped by the chill See how much They resemble Neurons or circulatory Systems See the small wonder of that You're missing out On a wonder that makes you Feel drunk on breath But hey if Hating iggy azalea Does that for you Then when she Hangs herself You'll wonder Why the … Continue reading Trees


What Gets You Unfollowed

Saccharine first person Sentiments Aspiring to a plea for compassion But I read it and see A candy covered blade Slipped between the ribs Of every woman. You're not there With any of them In the cool yet bitter Hours of decision You lack not only the equipment To truly be affected But the means … Continue reading What Gets You Unfollowed

Space and Silence

You're safe No matter how deep Your wounds go I won't ask who Made them Not from fear But from understanding That you know what you need Here in the healing silence Animals heal and know Without speaking So I won't pollute The space with noise Just be here Be now


Wade into The marshlands of being human The stinking mud Of suffering And walk out long enough To see the flowers That bloom there So few make the journey Driven back By the effort Not dressed for the environment But you were born Wearing Exactly the best clothing To reach your destination.

My Meditation

I do a variation on this meditation every day. It's difficult but at the same time, the rewards have been massive. It all starts from within ourselves. May I be at peace. May my heart remain open. May I realize the beauty of my own true nature. May I be healed. May I be a … Continue reading My Meditation