My Appearance At Great Yarmouth Comic Convention I will be there on both days, with copies of The Lightning Thesaurus available, and looking forward to seeing those of you who attend.

My first article for Bounding Into Comics A fun article which goes into some of the more unique abilities possessed by Venom ahead of the movie coming out next month.

‘I’m here to help.’

I was always A Batman kind of kid, Grateful for having a mother And working out the Endless beatings to be him, But I liked the other guy The sense of how when the world Needed saving He was all 'I'm here to help.' And there's people who'd Say I'm a villain, But I liked … Continue reading ‘I’m here to help.’

Black Panther – Review

(Thought I'd try something a little different)Marvel Studios introduced the character in Captain America: Civil War where T'Challa, prince of the African nation Wakanda appears as a force of relative antagonism. The movie Black Panther expands on the character, and the presence of Wakanda to tell a story which is only tangential to the ongoing … Continue reading Black Panther – Review


( If you're reading this, then I've won. Or lost. It is a matter of perspective. If the aim is survival, then I have won. If the aim is the natural order of balance and justice, then I have lost. This happened. I wrote and drew a comic book based on a public domain character … Continue reading Antagonist

All Too Human

We had to be first. For everything that came after, I hold true to the belief that whatever we did, was done in the spirit of the pioneer. He would sit there, pipe in hand, staring out at the sky, his face pinched with the need to be there. The smartest man in the room … Continue reading All Too Human