The Olivias

Photo by Engin Akyurt on The wig made his scalp itch like an addiction, and the lipstick tasted of something extracted from a marine life form, but Heath looked up at the gold statuette with its mother-goddess curves and blank face and bit back a shudder of vulgar joy. He would get away with … Continue reading The Olivias


As God Loves

I love the poetry of science and some of the concepts lend themselves well to story ideas. Here was what started as a series of puns then some amusement in imagining a cinematic experience in a world dominated by women. The idea of cruelty being solely a male province does a disservice to everyone. Heaths … Continue reading As God Loves

Ghosts of Celluloid

He sits at the back of the theatre Recalls how it was all new Once No colour, no computer generated effects Not even sound. He looks at people hunched over their phones. People move so much faster He doesn't get why people Wear their hair the way that They do Why the news is always … Continue reading Ghosts of Celluloid

Shogun Assassin

I hope they never remake this. That's the thing about remakes, they seldom understand what makes the original so transcendent. A lot of it is the film stock, the dialogue, the clothes and the hair styles. The choices that were made, rooted in the time that the film was made in. Modern remakes have a … Continue reading Shogun Assassin

Be Careful What You Wish For

OK, so imagine you've written a screenplay and Ridley Scott wants to direct it. Open the champagne because you've made it right? Wrong.  Ridley Scott has made some amazing films, Exodus looks to be the latest in a downward spiral for him after Prometheus, which looked gorgeous but felt disjointed. Usually you imagine "sexism" as … Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For

Down and Dirty Pictures

Although ostensibly about the rise of independent pictures alongside and because of Miramax and Sundance,  it's the personalities and the conflicts that make this book compelling.  The films that fail are fascinating for the small decisions both artistic and financial and the egos are as ferocious as anything in film.  Biskind writes with tongue in … Continue reading Down and Dirty Pictures