Disposable Volunteer

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com It sent out impulses through the glass. Everything around it moved so fast, and even when embedded, it struggled to match the same pace of communication. Without the connection, it had struggled to hold on, but now it laid there, in the back of the vehicle, knowing it completed … Continue reading Disposable Volunteer


Four Ghosts

Mitch unlocked his front door with the care of a burglar. There was no one to wake but he had neighbours, The Contreraz' had young kids and tomorrow they would be awake early. He wanted to give Rosa and Paulo a break. They liked having a cop in the building, didn't comment on the first … Continue reading Four Ghosts

Nos4r2 by Joe Hill

  This is a monster of a book. It's large in scope, packed with ideas and, for the genre, a stand out in that it creates something new, a complete mythology that touches on some of the concepts that Stephen King has used in terms of the idea of a collective unconsciousness made manifest. It's … Continue reading Nos4r2 by Joe Hill

I love Christmas If you're alone or struggling Then I extend an invitation for you To know that I love you For the simple fact That we're all on this planet Together I raise a glass to you