She's got her mother's eyes, Possessed by a certainty I'm in awe of, You never tell them How frightening your love For them can be, The language is mostly Maternal but God I used to have her sleep On my chest and every Little breath was a fortune In a cookie 'Don't fuck this up'. … Continue reading Scarlett


Slater perched on the edge of the bench, her heels beating out her nerves into the asphalt. She blessed the bobbing idiocy of the pigeons with flung pinches of breadcrumbs. She checked her phone for the time, pulse fluttering with doubt that she had it wrong. The weight of responsibility pressed on her like the … Continue reading Assignment

We Will Call Again.

In the refridgerator is the following:   Half a jar of peanut butter.   A quarter of a gallon of milk.   Twelve stale crackers, soft enough that they would not snap but gently surrender.   The sharp tang of soiled nappies,   A sheaf of letters pinned to the refridgerator, with big red letters … Continue reading We Will Call Again.

Legend of a Suicide by David Vann

Synopsis: Roy is still young when his father, a failed dentist and hapless fisherman, puts a .44 magnum to his head and commits suicide on the deck of his beloved boat. Throughout his life, Roy returns to that moment, gripped by its memory and the shadow it casts over his small-town boyhood, describing with poignant, … Continue reading Legend of a Suicide by David Vann

The Road Leads Nowhere

  Mom hadn't said much. Ellie had stopped crying, now giving off contented murmurs thanks to the music on the radio which sent her off like warm milk. The muted roar of the road was soothing in its own way, but questions kept me awake. 'You must be tired, Momma.' She sighed, then hiccoughed. I reached over and touched … Continue reading The Road Leads Nowhere