Full Throttle by Joe Hill

I’ve reviewed his work before and at this point, I call myself a fan of his work. Full Throttle is a collection of short stories, two written in collaboration with his father, Stephen King. These stories are fantastic. Hills voice has such a scintillating form, with a powerful sense of genre and heart authority whichContinue reading “Full Throttle by Joe Hill”

Cari Mora by Thomas Harris

Harris is the author of the Hannibal Lecter books, most famous for Silence of the lambs and Red Dragon. Those two books are masterpieces, plotted and written with a chill intelligence and mastery of story structure which warrants study. I’m not as much a fan of Hannibal and Hannibal Rising because they suffer from theContinue reading “Cari Mora by Thomas Harris”

Reviews and guest blogs

If you’re interested in offering me a guest spot on your blog, I’m happy to return the favour. Also if you’re a book reviewer, and would like to review Until She Sings, do the same. Please contact me via the form here on the site. Thank you, M B Blissett My book Until She SingsContinue reading “Reviews and guest blogs”

Portnoys Complaint by Phillip Roth

This is a book which is cheerfully unrepentant and scatological. There are many descriptions of laxatives and furtive yet pathological masturbation sessions but underneath is a humane, generous story.It’s funny, glib, capturing adolescent male anxiety with an uncomfortable accuracy which made me recall my own teenage years. This was Roths first book and it revelsContinue reading “Portnoys Complaint by Phillip Roth”

The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly

Micky Haller is a criminal defence lawyer who inherits the firm of an old friend after they’re murdered. One of the clients, a Hollywood producer accused of murder, presents a lucrative but dangerous opportunity for Micky. Connelly is brilliant. He puts together these poignant, sometimes verging on bleak plots but the characters and material findContinue reading “The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly”