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Laughing Boy on the Horrorcast Podcast

A great, funny podcast about horror movies, tv and fiction. Steve has reviewed Laughing Boy and i will be a future guest, for an episode discussing Stephen Kings work as well as a more in depth conversation about Laughing Boy itself.

Please listen and share.

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Would you like to read a copy of Laughing Boy in return for an honest review on Amazon?

Please contact me if you are interested and will provide a review for reading the book. It is available in PDF or your preferred format. If you can also let me know, how soon you could read and review the book, that would be great.

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Advance Reviews of Laughing Boy

“Would you like an advance review copy of my book, for free?”

If people want the book, they have to agree to post an (honest, genuine, sincere) review of it on Amazon within 48 hours of the book launching. There’s nothing spammy there. I may get some negative reviews as well as some positive ones. I’m asking people to write their genuine thoughts, not just automatic 5-star praise.

Let me know.

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Laughing Boy

Blame Sara Millican. My brain is a magpie for little facts and somewhere it was written she started stand-up after a separation. So that became the seed of an idea. Something relative to Until She Sings in the domestic minutiae but with a different energy.

Then you start writing it and it does what it wants with you. A strident, male voice emerged and underneath the laughter, threat and fear. The kind peculiar to men. Violence, implied or otherwise is the norm in genre and also there was this E.C. Comics sense of cosmic justice just itching to be called upon.

So, what the book became was something else. Yet the spark to me is what does Tommy do when horrible things start happening to him and the people around him?

You can find out here

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A great review of Until She Sings

Thanks to Shaun for sharing his thoughts on the book.

And my latest book is here:

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My First Review.

My first review. Can’t thank you enough, and it is great they enjoyed it. If you’ve not picked up a copy yet, you should. The link is below.

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Is anyone here on Goodreads? I have an author page, which you should sign up to, straight away.

Thank you

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Book Reviewers?

If you run a book review blog and would like to review Until She Sings, please contact me.

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Full Throttle by Joe Hill

I’ve reviewed his work before and at this point, I call myself a fan of his work.

Full Throttle is a collection of short stories, two written in collaboration with his father, Stephen King.

These stories are fantastic. Hills voice has such a scintillating form, with a powerful sense of genre and heart authority which means you get vengeful truckers, killer carousel animals and a brilliant combined story about the business model of franchise coffee shops and British werewolves.

The best horror has an ability to find the balance between cosmic justice and also the gleeful voyeurism of bad things happening to good people. Hill is a master of the form and here is a lot of great stories.

My favourite? Too many to choose from but Wolverton Station is a Jonathan Carroll/Neil Gaiman hybrid without the manners but with the glib, empowering sense of a horrible man getting his life decisions horribly wrong. Also a werewolf in a Manchester United shirt is a brilliant image. Gaiman reads the story for the audio book and it’s pure delight.

Yes, I brought the audio book and paperback, so should you.

My book Until She Sings is out now in paperback and ebook.



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Cari Mora by Thomas Harris

Harris is the author of the Hannibal Lecter books, most famous for Silence of the lambs and Red Dragon. Those two books are masterpieces, plotted and written with a chill intelligence and mastery of story structure which warrants study.

I’m not as much a fan of Hannibal and Hannibal Rising because they suffer from the point where an author falls too in love with a character to serve the story.

This is his latest book and although technically competent, it feels rote and lacks the gothic, cerebral intensity of earlier work. It’s more of a love letter to Florida and although I admired it, somehow I couldn’t commit to it.

The story itself offers no surprises and the antagonist Hans is a Lecter-lite who does awful things but manages to be boring and even a liquid cremation device doesn’t move me to feeling fascination or disgust then there are issues with the book.

Diverting but nothing startling. Truly, the lambs have stopped screaming.

My book Until She Sings is out now.