Two Pages (12/10/16)

Between scenes in Lawful Evil, I enjoy taking breaths on the page, respites from the tension that I have built and I look to avoid taking away from that entirely. It also allows me to show the changes in the characters as the story has continued. If your characters have not fundamentally changed by the … Continue reading Two Pages (12/10/16)


The Dead Lands by Benjamin Percy

The Dead Lands is beautifully written, massive in scope and invention, giving a relatively new take on the post apocalypse novel with slavery and mutated animals, the return of a system of magic that sits in the pocket of the furthest realms of quantum physics. Yet, it did not satisfy me as a reader. It's … Continue reading The Dead Lands by Benjamin Percy

Red Moon by Benjamin Percy

I found out about this book from Warren Ellis' newsletter, and found it in the library. Two simple steps that led to about a week spent lost in a hypnotic, melancholy blend of delicate emotional nuance and body horror, swept along on a tide of considered revisions to our mutual history to accommodate the existence … Continue reading Red Moon by Benjamin Percy