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beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

In some small way

Quiet inside

come to you

Breathe you in

Nose against the nape 

Of your neck

Hands wandering around

Gruff chuckles

Giggles joining

Nothing I would call force

But a playful wrestle

Mark you in some small way

Make sure you know

Who you belong to

beauty, love, men, poetry, women

Vicious Angels

We are atoms

In collision


Through it all

I feel you

As I go about my purpose

Through pain and hunger

Late into the night

Even as disaster looms

Like vicious angels

I remain


And in this

You surrender

Gentle animal

Kind to everyone

Implicit strength

Leaner now

But still

Tuned into

The symphony of you

I hear it

Can pluck it from silence

No matter how hard

You may try

Tear down

Or build

When it comes to you

All the same

Isn’t it?

Now shut up and come here

I want you to feel me

With a force I’m not sure

Wouldn’t leave marks

beauty, love, lust, men, poetry, sex, women

the smoke of loving battle

The languid flames

Lick at my insides

Appetites speaking

With my voice

Wielding the urge

To feed and purge

peaks of ferocious arousal

I would ravish you

Leave bruises tattooed

On your skin

The flush and dew of

A knot unties

An architecture of goodwill

Anatomy and limbs arranged

Damp intimacies

soft laughter at the cartoon

This divine rage makes



Restored to connect

Calm and sated

Kiss me again

Taste the smoke of loving

battle on your lips

beauty, love, poetry, women

woman in black

my woman in black

decanting denture tablets

into tea stained cups

Telling me the things

Which make her sad


Spilled sugar

All the things

But I like it

Because everything with her

Is a test or a celebration

I’m a more private man

Because the light of her

Burns away the corrupted need

For attention

And I bask in her light

Even when she’s dressed

In shadows

Yet I remain umoved

Shifted only by will

So I shall sit

Watch her

A little longer

beauty, love, poetry, women


I’m spending time

Living over writing it

Although the words fall

Like snowflakes

soft against my face

Unshed tears 

Unshed years

Yet this freedom

Borne under the burden

Of goodness

No longer concerned with confidence

In my deceptions

Only truth

If my silence wounds

Know me when I say the truth

Is so much more

Than any lie I tell

Honesty made me new skin

And such is its appeal

Feeling ancient and new born

In the same instance

beauty, poetry, Uncategorized, women

State of The Union

Ha, thought

This was

Going to be

A political poem?

Those things age

Like salmon

Smell as bad, too.


And having referred to it

There’s a degree of self performance

Impostor syndrome

(Most days, I think I’m pretty good. Competent,

Like a hat to hide a bald spot

When the smart move is to shave your head)

So here it is:

It’s going to be ok.

There is always a way

There is always hope

I breathe in different colours

But it still bears the flavour

Of your kindnesses

Forgive the relative brevity

I have worlds to save

People chuckle

But, come closer

I have a message

Just for you:

If you read it,

Walk to the window,

Press your palm to the glass

And tap your ring finger twice

Just breathe

I’ve got you.