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Autumn Cycle


They emerge from

hiding during

the summer months,

eyes shining with light

the way ripe fruit

teems with juice

in the heat

they frolic and cavort

with a courage that borders

upon madness

but look oh look

how high they leap

Then they sense

the waning evenings

the longer nights

decay tattooing it’s sigil

on everything

but by then

they tire

and make beds again

beneath rich loam and piles

of leaves

waiting for the season to turn

when they will find play




Autumn and the rest

As glorious as it can be here in the summer,  this time of year is bitter and yet it has it’s own pleasures.  The leaves on the ground with their rich colours and textures, the nights drawing in as I walk Duke in the dark and the twilight.

The bracing weather,  the wardrobe changes and the change of food you’re drawn to. It’s not an easy season to love but it’s a time of change and decay before the death and rebirth. 

I’ve been thinking about the new book and I’ve made some decisions about the direction and the story I want to tell. My reader is busy so has started but not finished yet.  Meanwhile I am reacquainted with the next project.
I may be one of the few writers on here not doing NaNoWriMo but I wish you the best of luck if you are.

Leaving the treasury building,
I feel generous