Hidden Victories

Those pockets of silence, Travel between them A pilgrim seeking holy places, Hands capable of violence Yet at rest against themselves When not at play on the territory of you, But you sleep, I grind, No one knows what it takes to be this, How each day, Is a battle with toothsome Loathsome devils, Some … Continue reading Hidden Victories



Angela's neighbours were widows and widows in-waiting. She had tenure at a university where most of the faculty and students were women.  She stepped off the plane onto the soil of a Finnish island where there were only women allowed. She had read about the retreat online, and signed up for two weeks, which meant … Continue reading jo

Image: http://www.kentrogowski.com/projects/bears/ It was about momentum, trying to lift the weight of my process against the resistance of anxiety and depression. These times are when all the bland, fat days of getting it done reap their reward. It isn't about external validation, or money in the bank a lot of the time. You do things that … Continue reading

Animal Vs Angel

When the black eyed angel folds it's wings Around me, I would tear them, Root and stem Unmanned, and in my divine rage Dash it's ugly skull into the concrete It is not an action fuelled by violence In the palace of my skull Wanders an animal And it knows not love nor hate But … Continue reading Animal Vs Angel

Take Care

That restlessness A sharp toothed anxiety Politely voiced and mitigated As a vague sense Of being lost in familiar circumstances And the dull eyed men before Ignore or dismiss it But I know That the rough handed application Of my authority is A prescription without signature A quiet certainty to my touch Instructions Boundaries High … Continue reading Take Care

An interruption to the list

The list of chores That runs through your head Electricity surging through A power line A life as a spinning plate, So you cross the threshold Take the winding path Walk into the dark, damp Parts of the forest Where the monsters Gather but you only want one And I am only a monster When … Continue reading An interruption to the list