The Last Of Us

They came for us, Cut the horns from Our heads to make us safe, Left us bleeding in the Dust, Lost to a solipsistic dance, Of glee, And if one of my brothers charged To save his own life, They shot him and called it A redress of grievances Imbalances and how toxic Our strength … Continue reading The Last Of Us

Good Dog

  All dogs have a Buddha Mind so you've Barked your last mantra And intellectually As comforting as it is, You've transcended Your suffering, It doesn't make the Silence when I walk into My old house any easier To bear, old friend, And the paths we walked Night and day, Will miss us both, But … Continue reading Good Dog

Wet Dog

The pair of them sat in the flat, candles burning because they couldn't shift anything until the morning and they had used the emergency on the meter a few days ago. The laptop had a password on it, but they used it's glowing screen to provide further illumination. Iain sat slumped against the wall, his … Continue reading Wet Dog

Walk With Me 

The wind through The trees Birds singing Such places serve as churches Watching the dog Snuffle see his world I am capable of fury My body aches from Focused labour Hands as weapons But also instruments Of divine exploration To caress the contours To open and penetrate All the world and it's pleasures Visible in … Continue reading Walk With Me 

canine gravity

Stroking his scars Head on my lap As his carrion breath Warms my thigh His simplicity Has always been constant Through broken times He's borne witness to the worst My angry tears when the pain Was so great that only loneliness Soothed and i could not articulate it To anything more conscious Than trees and … Continue reading canine gravity