Ron Brandywood News

I've finished the eighth in the sequence - titled The Clockwork Knight. The sales for the first book are coming in, and I'm awaiting reviews with the mix of nerves and excitement, which all authors do. However, all things aside, I'm excited for the reactions and the things I've got planned for later books. The … Continue reading Ron Brandywood News


Let It Burn

( Pam watched the dorm burn. She stood with the crowd of onlookers, phones and tablets held up to capture how the flames licked at the windows, vomiting black smoke, thick from the feast of plastic it had found in every room. Theresa came over, weeping in a way which Pam found unsightly. The histrionics … Continue reading Let It Burn

Cycles of Ambition

Louise slid the envelope into the mailbox outside the town hall, surging with triumph before walking inside. Her appearance was no accident, the smart, glamorous appearance offering a great deal but promising nothing. Her makeup was war paint and she thought of herself as someone determined to advance her position by any means necessary. The … Continue reading Cycles of Ambition

Writing Update

I finished the second draft of Lawful Evil yesterday. 435 pages. 79,904 words. It is not finished in the respect that it will need another draft or two before I am happy with it, if I ever am. The more that I learn, the more nuanced my appreciation is and so I drive myself a … Continue reading Writing Update

Two Pages (05/11/16)

I shifted to a lower gear this morning, five pages against the previous sessions of ten, although I might get back into it this evening.  I'm now into the second act, which is where I really start to put my protagonist through the wringer. We test our characters because in adversity, we find out who … Continue reading Two Pages (05/11/16)

Two Pages (28/09/16)

Four pages written since this last entry and have started editing from my agent's notes for chapters 22 -33 of Until She Sings. I have done 22 so far, and it feels like a different book already. Which is a good thing. I believe in working on the story first, sometimes to the expense of … Continue reading Two Pages (28/09/16)