We Will Call Again.

In the refridgerator is the following:   Half a jar of peanut butter.   A quarter of a gallon of milk.   Twelve stale crackers, soft enough that they would not snap but gently surrender.   The sharp tang of soiled nappies,   A sheaf of letters pinned to the refridgerator, with big red letters … Continue reading We Will Call Again.

The Boys And Their Mothers (NSFW)

Clea kept flexing her right hand as she waited in the queue. The surgery had been successful but she would never have full function again, and the┬ápainkillers merely took the edge off the pain but never removed it entirely. She would shift the small pile of books from one arm to the other. Her library … Continue reading The Boys And Their Mothers (NSFW)

Gary Bear and Holly Boo IDSTL

Holly had gotten into the habit of hanging around after class had finished. She would have to politely shoo off the more earnest students, who would offer to help her clear up the classroom, but mostly she would find a small measure of peace when the cries and shouts of the children were at a … Continue reading Gary Bear and Holly Boo IDSTL