Project Laughter 06/05/2015

As so often happens, I went into the book expecting one thing and then in the act of writing,  something else emerged. That's the beauty of it. Sometimes you're working with your unconscious and then sometimes you're looking to distract it. So I rewrote five pages and it's a stronger work now.  Nervewracking because again … Continue reading Project Laughter 06/05/2015

On Joss Whedon and social media

This isn't done to mock Joss Whedon or feminist activists who took umbrage with his latest film Age of Ultron. This is about whether or not you should,  as a creator, separate art from politics,  especially in these times and with the increasing outrage and partisanship. I like to keep my art and politics separate.  … Continue reading On Joss Whedon and social media


This Where the soft curve Of you spreads against My determined Touch Each little fold Wrinkle The whorls Of a fingerprint Committed to Memory and The magic of Hearing Seeing Tasting Touching As you become Wanton and glorious In your arousal

Project Laughter 05/05/2015

So, here we are. The last book has been tucked away for six weeks and in the meantime, I have begun work on Project Laughter. So it's a different scenario and I'm trying to get as late into the story as possible but establishing who these people are and what they want.  The time spent … Continue reading Project Laughter 05/05/2015

Awake together

Seeing you Come across the room Legs unsteady with Excitement Delivered to my hands Without a glance backwards All those actions That taunted you Acted out upon the stage Of you Lifted,  tasted, tested Where my fingers Dance in the shadowed Hollows until moisture Blooms And your nerves spark Not like an engine But a … Continue reading Awake together

Nothing keeps me anywhere 04/05/2015

I've noticed that when I'm unwell,  the physical symptoms sometimes free up my mental faculties and today my brain was in overdrive.  I've often spoken about the importance of a routine and working with a small achievable goal daily to build a practice of productive writing.  So I wrote the last twelve pages and finished … Continue reading Nothing keeps me anywhere 04/05/2015