Project Laughter 23/06/2015

There was a measure of restraint this morning.  I had a big rant in mind but as I was setting up for it, I realised that I would be forcing it so I took the sentiment and dialled it down because it felt right for the character.  Your characters should have the ability to redress … Continue reading Project Laughter 23/06/2015


I want to Carry the scent Of you with me With each swallow I would take another sip Of you And still be thirsty My hands Never feel Quite as Purposeful As when they're Exploring Explaining You

Project Laughter 22/06/2015

After a break to finish off episode 4 of Sir, I resumed the book today and it was better for the break. I'm in the middle of a scene where Tom is appearing on local tv on a talk show and it veers into some interesting places as it goes on. Certainly there's a voice … Continue reading Project Laughter 22/06/2015

Sir: Episode 4

Ellen would touch the ring finger on her left hand when she thought that I was not looking. I smiled at her as she took off a jar of almond butter and put it into the trolley. 'I only ever had peanut back home.' She smiled as she adjusted her fringe then pushed back the sleeves … Continue reading Sir: Episode 4

Project Laughter 20/06/2015

Today's session was good, there's a voice for Tom, a playfulness that's maybe took 90 pages to find but it's there.  I write daily because it allows me to produce work and although not every session is golden,  there's always something that makes it worthwhile.  Plus I cut later,  polish and I enjoy having more … Continue reading Project Laughter 20/06/2015