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Vicious Angels

We are atoms

In collision


Through it all

I feel you

As I go about my purpose

Through pain and hunger

Late into the night

Even as disaster looms

Like vicious angels

I remain


And in this

You surrender

Gentle animal

Kind to everyone

Implicit strength

Leaner now

But still

Tuned into

The symphony of you

I hear it

Can pluck it from silence

No matter how hard

You may try

Tear down

Or build

When it comes to you

All the same

Isn’t it?

Now shut up and come here

I want you to feel me

With a force I’m not sure

Wouldn’t leave marks

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Proof of Life

Hi there

So realised any head shots of me are a bit old so thought I would show you what I look like.

Also, thank you for your kind words and interest. It isn’t about what percentage or how many people follow my work but the quality of the interactions and my own writing moving others. If you’ve liked or commented, it is always welcome and appreciated.


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garden tribute

Pain flowing

Like ink through water

Down my arm like

A needling supplicant

Awake for hours

And only the words

Hold it at bay

I save my opinions of some

Walled gardens

Made of words

Some are tributes

Rendered in kindness

Others get barren, dead

Crime scenes

Which is which,

Well, it depends

On how well you

Treated the gardener

Before I picked up my tools

And began to write

But even those

Who want my scorn

Seldom get it

Because they receive instead

The gift of my blithe indifference

Not even willing to draw a sickened breath

To wish harm

Upon them.

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the smoke of loving battle

The languid flames

Lick at my insides

Appetites speaking

With my voice

Wielding the urge

To feed and purge

peaks of ferocious arousal

I would ravish you

Leave bruises tattooed

On your skin

The flush and dew of

A knot unties

An architecture of goodwill

Anatomy and limbs arranged

Damp intimacies

soft laughter at the cartoon

This divine rage makes



Restored to connect

Calm and sated

Kiss me again

Taste the smoke of loving

battle on your lips

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Help keep me writing

If you’ve enjoyed anything I’ve written.

Help me keep things moving and growing.

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Winter sun

Saying less

Each word

Wears armour

And quiet on the inside

Like a post-coital evening

The cold bites

But doesn’t break the skin

No matter how hard

It sinks its teeth into me

What time is left

Never wasted

Enjoying the moment

As it arrives

As it passes

Flint walls frame

A hard, bright

Winter sun

I burn with it