Ogden Review

Harlan Foster enjoys an easy life in a difficult place. But the drama he creates for his own amusement just might create real trouble for him.

In this series, small town living proves more memorable than expected.

  1. A Little Further
  2. A Review From The Ogden Register
  3. Exit, Stage Left.
  4. Valuing Silence
  5. A Few Questions
  6. Genealogy of The Culpepper Mushroom
  7. Ogden Q & A
  8. Puer Aeturnus
  9. Pack
  10. A pyrrhic doughnut
  11. Avery’s Order.
  12. No mistress but duty
  13. Sometimes The Mother, Sometimes The Wolf
  14. Cold With Anger
  15. Truth Versus Conviction
  16. News of A Haunting (Ogden Review)
  17. My Brother, My Keeper (Ogden)
  18. Handling Animals As People (Ogden)
  19. The Irascible Nature of Scorpions (Ogden)
  20. First there is no mountain (Ogden)
  21. Angry Rocket Collective (Ogden)
  22. Shut Up And Talk (Ogden)
  23. Follow The Scent (Ogden)
  24. Adversarial Principles (Ogden)
  25. When they leave the room (Ogden)
  26. In Until The End (Ogden)
  27. Trail To A Sour Earth (Ogden)
  28. The Other Cheek (Ogden)
  29. It Will All Work Out (Ogden)
  30. Waking From Sleep(Ogden)
  31. A Visit From The Creatures of Necessity
  32. Better Than Nothing (Ogden)
  33. Mal Carne (The Ogden Review)
  34. Shut up and drive (The Ogden Review)
  35. The John In His Head (The Ogden Review)
  36. An Oxymoron (The Ogden Review)
  37. Loud, Fast, Close (The Ogden Review)
  38. From Wolf To Man To Wolf (The Ogden Review)
  39. Deadlines To Meet (The Ogden Chronicle)
  40. Doctor – Patient Confidentiality (Ogden)
  41. 41: Cosmic Drafts (Ogden Review)
  42. The Day Closes (Ogden)
  43. Between Two Brothers (Ogden)