Writing Update

The tenth of the sequence is done. Pre-orders are available for the second, The Dead Friend, which is out in August, ahead of my appearance at Great Yarmouth Comic Convention on the 14th and 15th where I will have signed copies available. The third, The Weak Father, will follow in February 2022, and from there, … Continue reading Writing Update

Podcast – Q&A

If any of you have any questions about my process, The Lightning Thesaurus or the upcoming books, I will be answering them in the first episode. Please leave your questions in the comments or get in touch.

The Sixth Kind – A Ron Brandywood Caper

When Ron returns the favour he owes a former companion, he must help solve a mystery and find the origins of an ancient horror. As secrets are revealed, Ron faces a fate worse than death as he faces the horrors of transformation into something inhuman. As his body revolts against him, Ron must draw on … Continue reading The Sixth Kind – A Ron Brandywood Caper


The outline is done for the ninth book, and tomorrow I will start writing it. Reviews are starting to come in, and people love the book, which is the reward of the time and effort put into the book before it ever appeared in anyone's hands. People are also picking up my earlier work as … Continue reading Progress