much beyond sleep

Smile in the quiet Up late, Writing to alleviate The constant hum of Purpose Only I hear it The song, thick and low, Like wine in my veins More achieved, Building a monument Visible from inner space, Potent with achievement Put the pages away but they Do not leave my sight Much beyond sleep

Take your story from idea to object

You prepare a synopsis, with all plot points from beginning to end via email. Don't think of it as a teaser, I will need to see the spoilers and points where your story turns. Also, don't worry if there are gaps. This will be where I come in.   You then fill out¬† your synopsis, … Continue reading Take your story from idea to object

Eastern Standard Tribe

In tailored armour Black circles underneath Our eyes, Voices raw from persuasion We soldier on Warmed by the light From close-held goals The world asks us To bear in silence The wounds it inflicts And through them We mine for wisdom Strength and substance, We nod to one another As we pass by Onto the … Continue reading Eastern Standard Tribe

Watching The Circus

Toni stood in line at the supermarket, jostling Henry on her hip as she watched the cashier check her coupons with the precision of a corrupt jeweller. The cashier glanced up at her with dull eyes and Toni steeled herself for ¬†recognition which came too often to dismiss. She passed a faded coupon back to … Continue reading Watching The Circus

Updates On Writing and Reading. 2017

In 2016, I finished 4 first drafts, sent a final draft off to the agent for submission to publishers this month which is Until She Sings, my second book. I read somewhere in the region of 300 books in the last twelve months, which is based on library loans and what I have on the … Continue reading Updates On Writing and Reading. 2017