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Meat, Salt, Water.

Not so much simple

As elegant

Tender to the possibilities

But within myself

A king in his kingdom

Tasted failure more than once

But won’t swallow it

Until the alchemy of determination

Makes it sweet

And made sleek with certainty

Happy without the pofaced rhetoric of

a past where I believed

I knew what happened when you’re

Making other plans

Escaping the idea there was a way to

Have my cake and eat it too

But now there is meat

Salt and water

Strong enough to bear it all

Love until you bruise.

Leave you to sleep and

Watch you

Ache with all the sweet, daft shit

I’m too strong to say

But what you feed in me


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Until She Sings – Beta Readers Wanted

I am looking for beta readers for this project.



You cannot stay silent if you want to be heard.

Caitlin Ross, a young singer-songwriter, makes her debut at an open mic night playing and singing her own songs for the first time. Struggling in her relationship with her once, nearly famous boyfriend Luke, Caitlin’s performance lends a new spotlight for him to pirate. But Caitlin has grown weary of life in Luke’s shadow.
When a handsome stranger, Daniel,  introduces himself after her set, the attraction is immediate and all consuming. His pursuit quickly throws Luke’s failings as a partner into stark relief. And she quickly finds herself caught between the past and the future, chained to the former by her guilt over Luke’s dependence upon her.

I am looking for beta readers, so please get in touch if you are interested in providing me with feedback on the book.


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Sudden Storms

Speaking in actions

Elegant in silence

And never lost

In the deluge of task

Long enough not to

Close the distance

Reward myself with the scent of you

The way you fit my hands

No time to close the promise

But the anticipation flashes in my bones

Like lightning

And your smile stirs thunder

But it passes and the tepid sky

Ignores it

But we know

We know

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Weekend Omnibus

Here, here, here

She loves as we love

Sweet prayers

A Song For A Beast


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Some book reviews – for disclosure, they do contain Amazon Affiliate links, which I get a small amount for each click, so please do so.

The Book of Joan by Lydia Yuknavitch

Rosewater by Tade Thompson

Headhunters by Jo Nesbo (review)

I also consult on stories and scripts, if you’re interested, then this post talks about what I offer:

Want to finish the story you started?


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Beta Readers Wanted

I have a completed book, and am developing it for self-publishing.

I am asking, you, my readers if any of you would like to read it and offer feedback on it.

This is the general story:


TOMMY MARTIN is a successful stand up comedian, back off his first tour since the death of his wife SOPHIE, leaving him as a single father to PENNY. When he meets EVELYN, an artist, he embarks on the first romantic relationship since the death of his wife. He experiences unusual, violent events around him, which he cannot explain.

If you are interested, please leave a comment or get in touch.

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Here, here, here

No time wasted in idleness

If my life is a game

Played with such intention

I forget it’s not real

Then as the difficulty rises

So I unlock new abilities

Sensitivities and


All is study

Sharp but not cruel

My thoughts take flight

and it is all,

In the diffused daylight



But you, warm and resting,

Call to me without speaking,

And that too

Is play,

So I finish a coffee,

An exquisite detail

To a moment platonic

In its perfection

And you are adjacent

Here, here, here.

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She loves as we love

Psyche with the blade

At Eros throat

And in so doing

She let things fall apart

And the handmaidens

Became howls and squawking

Because she leaned too far into

The swamp of whispers

Fed by envious sisters

Because they believe they’re doing

The good work of sisterhood

Never satisfied unless beauty

Rubs dirt to mar it

And here Psyche followed


From those who envied

But saw it as love

And so her sister ran to

The cliffs edge

Let the winds take a bitch

And Zephyr doesn’t arrive

The rocks delivered them

And in pieces they suffer less

Than Psyche

But of Eros,

He was torn apart

Renewed and torn again

But all in love is fair

And immortal Mother

Waits to bite hard

Psyche between her teeth

And as with the Gods

So it was,



But here, my fury

Did not shake the mountains

Nor stirred a single wave

On a single ocean

And yet my own inner divine

Knows such tales return

Wearing different faces

So, shall I invite you in?

Leave the blade blunted