The Lightning Thesaurus – Playlist. These are the songs which inspired and reflect the tone and process of writing this first in the sequence. I had others, which I will add to this, but wanted to share with you some of what I was listening to as I wrote this.


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The Lightning Thesaurus

THE LIGHTNING THESAURUS: A RON BRANDYWOOD CAPER: BLISSETT, M B: 9781838332228: Books Paperback is available now, and I'm getting pictures of happy purchases. The ebook is out on Monday for 1.99 and I am close to finishing the eighth in the sequence. I've been enjoying a sustained and developing enjoyment with these, at a … Continue reading The Lightning Thesaurus

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Settling Matters Like Antebellum Gentlemen – The Lightning Thesaurus

(A brief excerpt for your entertainment) The gathered crowd laughed at Ron Brandywood, as he stood there, sleeves of his rough spun shirt rolled to his elbows, and his bare feet, dusted with curled brown hair, tracing a line in the dirt outside the inn. Three feet tall, in proportion, and far shorter than the … Continue reading Settling Matters Like Antebellum Gentlemen – The Lightning Thesaurus

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