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Two Pages

I’m off into the woods camping for an afternoon/night and will be back tomorrow. So I am writing now, despite a bit of a humidity headache, but I like to keep the page count going. 

It’s all about embracing the grind. 

And by that I mean, writing about intimate oral sex between two consenting adults whilst I look forward to beer from a cooler and bacon cooked over a gas cooker whilst we talk bollocks as men.  See that’s the thing about me, I contain contradictions in multitudes and that’s perfectly fine. 

Today was about playing with the emotions that come up during sex, and how they get dealt with. In movie sex scenes, there’s the sheet that falls to a man’s waist but not a woman’s and the velcro genitals that slot together like lego bricks. There’s not the emotions that an orgasm, one obtained even illicitly can elicit. 

I’m not trying to bring the sad to erotica, but acknowledging it, as part of the process. The zipless fuck exists, but as a platonic ideal, there’s an element of risk in letting yourself open to another and in this book, I want to talk about how that feels. 

There’s other things in the book, but they’re not getting discussed or fleshed out until they get there. 

Now, out to the woods. I will return once I have communed with silence and bacon. 



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muse, ghost, burning

In my head today.

I fucked you


and made love to you

three times. 

I walked through

the park and imagined

lying between your thighs.

Looking  up and watching your face,

Slack with pleasure until

you’re singing my name

 I did other things too, 

None of them exhausted me as much 

I reached out and

felt your hair between my fingers. 

Telling you what I wanted 

You to do,

And I imagined the smile

And it felt like sunlight



creative writing erotic writing Two Pages women writing

Two Pages

Black silk and lace, still warm and alive from where it had held her. I could still see the flickers of nervousness that moved across her face but I held mine in reserve. The deeper I went into the moment, the less animated I became.

I was, in this, an animal waiting to feed.

An animal waiting to be fed.

The trick is to talk about what your passion honestly is, but to make it look like you’re just telling a story. 

You have to maintain the grind until you’ve polished away what’s not useful to you. 

I felt powerful and grand, the house is quiet so I thought I would write. It doesn’t matter when I write so long as I get the pages done. 

And I did. 



creative writing erotic writing masculinity men women writing

Two Pages

It’s interesting for me because I’ve written the last two books from a female POV and this one, being from a male perspective has presented a challenge in and of itself.

It’s fun actually. Palpably so, in that you may have noticed that the poetry I have been posting has been related to that assertive masculine sexuality. It’s a pet subject of mine and it feels right to have finally begun to write something like this. 

It’s for women, who like men and want to read about them and their experiences. I’ve really considered how best to portray the experience honestly and also credibly as well as to keep things intense and sensual. 

I want to write beautifully about the things that our culture so often decides are ugly and shameful. Betty Dodson has said that she can’t wait until we reach a point where we stop labelling one another as bisexual, homosexual and are just comfortable with being ‘sexual.’ 

When we get to that point, I hope I am still here to write about it. 


creative writing masculinity men Two Pages women writing

Two Pages

How is the new book different?

Well, it’s still first person but with a male protagonist this time. 

A lot of what gets classed as male sexuality is pornography by default. We’re quick to arousal, burn briefly but powerfully and then fade out. In comparison to female sexuality, we’re different. I know, however that there’s a transcendent spiritual quality, an emotional element that’s at play and I am trying to work that into the new piece.  

I know who I write for, and what I want to say. 

Women are interested in men, what we think and what we feel. We’re not so much simple as elegant, and we lack the language of women emotionally but we think and feel as much as they do. 

I love being a man, there’s power in it and I revel in how my masculinity has made me feel as I have worked towards maturity. I’m not belittling men to impress women, I don’t feel that women want that. It lacks compassion and appreciation, which most women have for most men. 

Tonight, it’s been smooth and focused. The early days are, it’s once you get into the wilds then the problems start but right now these are fat, easy hours to write about. 


music women


This is a melange of layers, building with nursery rhyme lyrics and loops into something far more than the sum of it’s parts. It’s not simple, but elegant and how it builds into something that is genuine wildness.

When she sings ‘your fingers through my hair.’ I feel the hairs go up on the back of my neck. 

I think a group with her on drums/percussion, St Vincent on guitar, Meshell Ndegeocello on bass, Amanda Palmer on keys and Wendy Melvoin/Lisa Coleman on vocals, keys and guitar would be perfectly incredible.

Amanda Palmer comes in for a lot of criticism, I think she’s amazing, unapologetically herself and I find her irrationally erotic. Here she’s sweaty, smeared with make up and covered in glitter and I would still walk past a roomful of supermodels to ask her opinion.

Janelle Monae is amazing. She’s positive, engaging and channels a great many genres in her work. She’s relentlessly innovative and yet she has a pop sensibility that means whatever she does is soaked in connection and communication.

There’s three woman, none of whom you’re likely to see on the cover of Maxim, in control of their images and making music on their terms. 

Support the good stuff, I chose these three because I listen to them because they make great music. 

creative writing erotic writing Two Pages women writing

Two Pages

This feels different in comparison to the last book. 

As it should be, because when you write 380 something pages, you’re not likely to be the same person at the end of it. 

That to me, is the best part of writing. You’re in a process, it takes courage to go to the page. Not the ‘wrestling a bear or storming into a fire’ sort of courage but you’re risking something whenever you write. 

You’re saying ‘hey, this is me.’ 

It’s not the same thing as a selfie though. is it? You probably reveal more of yourself than you would care to. You put time into it that you could spend with actual people, because in some ways, they do matter more than actual people to you. You feel something, sometimes it’s not until you’ve written but there’s a point where it all comes together and then you’re making it happen. It feels, to quote Rustin Cohle, like you’re mainlining the universe. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re good if you enjoy it. Oftentimes, the love of it means that you develop fairly quickly or you decide ‘I want to get better at this but I don’t know how.’.

I’m generally positive about the state of literature, as I am about most things. The universe is working, not on rails like a tram, but as an expression of itself, embodied within you and the things that you do. If you do something positive and align your life around it, then you’ll start seeing things differently. 

Your masochism, your lack of focus, sooner or later you have to decide if you really need to carry it along with you or if you want to travel light and react quicker to the challenges that emerge. I love writing more than being a writer ( I don’t really feel or know what one is, outside of having written and maybe been paid for it, which I have, or will be soon) 

The novel is still there, because as human beings, extensions and expressions of the universe or however you choose to see yourself, we still like journeys. A novel is such a process and I love learning about them, writing them to see what I want to say about the world and the people within it. 

tl:dr – i wrote two more pages of my book. It went really well and I enjoyed it. 

creative writing erotic writing masculinity poetry women writing

Don’t Be Polite

Don’t be polite with me, 

I don’t want the factory sealed version of you

Whose nose wrinkles at the first smear of dirt,

I want a woman who sweats, 

Who wants to be handled as though she’s real, muscle and hair damp, 

Tendons in the neck straining as you speak to me such filth

That it could almost be in tongues,

I want you to fuck me like you’re trying to kill me

Because it’s where I feel most alive, 

That boiling clash of limbs and mouths and words

Obedient to me, because I know how to open you up. 

I knew when I saw you, book in hand as you reached for a cup of coffee and looked demurely around you.

I saw the part of you that runs with the wolves, or wanted you 


creative writing erotic writing masculinity Two Pages women

Two Pages

Transposing from longhand to text involves a degree of editing. This piece is sparing, I am able to focus as much on the seduction as the release and it’s different, as I am writing from a male perspective this time although it’s still thematically similar to some of my earlier work. 

This won’t be a place where I discuss male sexuality as yet, but that’s not to say I won’t. I would rather let the book speak to me, and for itself. Tangentially, it’s more complex and yet more base than media and culture would have us believe.

As I have said, it’s maturity that is missing from the discussion with men and their issues. Beneath that, well I am not looking for the dragon to slay, because all I can do is be one person and work on myself and my issues.

Plus it’s all just a conspiracy that we play upon ourselves, and we can choose to take it seriously and at the same time, realize that it is, for all it’s verisimilitude, just a game. 

So the book is a sleeker, more controlled experience thus far and I am enjoying it. I have no preconceptions, a few ideas and a general sense of the shape of it but that’s for me to know and for you to find out. 

Also, on a personal note, I have decided to tentatively return to Twitter here as @BlissettMB. Be gentle with me. Or you know, not:)


creative writing erotic writing erotica masculinity men poetry women writing

Facts and Data

 I had some thoughts about you. 

  You’re going to have to explain that bruise somehow.

I mean, not so much the bruise itself

but the little smile

that accompanies it

each time you go to sit down.

It looks like you’re

lowering your visor

before you go into battle.

 You can experience satori as

you order a sandwich and a cup of coffee.

 Mine came when I thought about the

smile you gave when I told you to get

on your knees and you did.

My hands shook and then I had

to get some fresh air when I recalled the look

in your eyes as your hands went to my zip

and you told me that

you liked the names

I called you.

The pleasure comes

from when you’re

sweaty and ecstatic,

when you tell me

that I can’t break you

but I am welcome to try. 

. It doesn’t debase you,

that you want some part of your life

where you delegate your

pleasure to another.

It’s trust and comfort that brought you to me.

I’ve seen you in a way

few ever have,

it’s like looking

upon the

truth behind a mythology.

Learning the words

to a song that you’ve

been singing incorrectly

all these years and

finding the meaning behind it. 

 I don’t pinch you

as hard as I could


sometimes your capacity,

your appetite reminds me

of it’s limitlessness.

Even your flesh cannot

accommodate all of it

but by god we try,

We try.

 You call me a bastard and

you tell me to stop fucking

tickling you. 

It’s the most romantic

thing that a woman has ever said 

To me