If you had to invent your version of father,  or yours let you down. If you've let your children down, then I'm with you.We project that it's easy but it isn't. A lot of it is you give up the time with them. A necessary separation from people you'd die for,  to support them. You … Continue reading Father



Most of what we buy and eat is crap. It is killing us, to exercise the choice of a world’s worth of processed cuisine. All of it available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There will never be a fat acceptance movement for men. There are people out there who are proud they … Continue reading Diet

The Taste Of Strawberries

  The queue stretched out the door of the bookshop. I had gotten here as early as I could, but saw that quite a few other people had the same idea. My stomach lurched at the thought of just being another face in the crowd, made invisible by weight of numbers. My solipsism had weaved … Continue reading The Taste Of Strawberries

Silk – A Cocoon Falls.

From branch Cocoon falls to ground Empress looks Threads float Thought sparks a Change to a Empire with Secrets prized Holds power to Trade for treasures Idea more precious Than material wealth Smuggled out Into foreign hands Idea loses worth Empress looks up At branch Waits for cocoon To fall It Still Falls  

Reflections in two mirrors

He sent them to be seen by her. That he had tangible proof of his commitment to his purpose and his growth. Each session, each rejection of easy but costly temptation was there in the heft of his pectorals, the lines and striations in his hip flexors and the way that the softness around his … Continue reading Reflections in two mirrors