A short walk

Picture this. The woods at dusk. Tired birds sing overhead. Grey squirrels cross your path, as you bow to the magpies. One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy. Five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret which has never been told. Your heart still skips at … Continue reading A short walk


No place, but here,

Stood savage yet gentle, Rooted, yet there is motion Come forward, Remove yourself from the mind The ceaseless quest of knowledge, Building defences against the unseen and insane, Within Without All the same, Place your palm Against the rough bark of My trunk Listen Shelter is here For you and your world of thought My … Continue reading No place, but here,

The Wild Man In The Water

Once upon a time, Paul, brother of King Samuel and chancellor, sat on the throne, listening to the complaints and petitions of the people. He listened with care, asked questions to show his investment in the pain and passion of his people. Paul and Sam viewed nobility as a privilege, not a right. In his … Continue reading The Wild Man In The Water

Burial Rites Episode 4.

Burial Rites Previous episodes are here, here and here.   John awoke Kelly by bringing her a cup of tea and leaving it on the bedside table. The smell of awoke her with care and she smiled at the gesture. John was cooking a venison steak when she walked through to the kitchen.   John … Continue reading Burial Rites Episode 4.

A forest fire

I'm a forest fire Dead wood burning. Away and swimming skywards Each leaf Each branch sings Memento Mori My lungs packed With the tar of my Sins Until visions bloom And I see my animal Coalesce from smoke Flame. On hind legs It roars and crackles, It tells me to breathe Deep and keep moving. … Continue reading A forest fire

The Primitive Approach

(http://uberfischer.deviantart.com/art/Blowin-in-the-Wind-158828976 Barry checked his reflection in the scarred perspex that protected the advertisement on the side of the bus shelter. The model, with his sculptured abdominals and thick, defined pectorals was hairless aside from a manicured beard and his hair was in that style that Barry associated with photos of his grandfather during the war. … Continue reading The Primitive Approach