Barefoot, in white

( I dream of summer afternoons, Under hanging branches On a blanket somewhere Electrified with nervous excitement My hands crossing into Intimate territories Animal host Given entry A cunning tongue As you glance Kisses flowing like breath Here I am rough With passion But skilful in the interplay Between want and need The substance Of … Continue reading Barefoot, in white


To make you thrash As you have never known To feed from you As a bee feeds from a flower My rough, strong hands Turned to gentle exploration A form of surgery A laying on of hands Whispering my name As your eyes roll back in your head How you would ache with wonder To … Continue reading Possession

Funeral for a chalk painting

On the stretch  Of even, worn pavement You drew looping, nonsensical Loops of colours Fingers tattooed with chalk dust I liked how the hair Hung in your face A curtain rising On the beautiful theatre  Of your violet eyes The picture drew me in Then out And I trusted that you were  Gentle with me … Continue reading Funeral for a chalk painting


Shepherd strode towards the car, the brim of his hat hid his eyes, but his lips were set in a tight line, and he pumped his arms to lengthen his stride. 'Ma'am, you know you can't be here.' She cocked her head to one side, blinked heavily and grinned with all her teeth. 'Hey Jeff, … Continue reading Sigil


Our lives Are chalkmarks beneath rain But tonight, I am flushed With a grand, primal heat And the perspiration beads On my skin I can taste the static on your tongue And my hands are strong Enough to tear your clothes From you And I would, out here, Show you as the lightning illuminates And … Continue reading Storm

Great For Morale

  They had all gathered in the parking lot just after dawn, driven for three hours and struggling to find the enthusiasm for the day ahead. Dressed in income-dependent variations on the guidelines sent in Times New Roman, littered with emoji like dead bugs on a wind screen. The tone aimed for friendly, but came … Continue reading Great For Morale