the bullet found him

He ran in his dreams.   There was the recollection of his uncoiled youth. Slim and taut with muscle, even at twelve. It taints his memories of his youth with crude washes of horror and regret.   These dreams woke him, trembling and confused. It was a long time ago, and yet these dreams returnedContinue reading “the bullet found him”

The Strange Knight (The Wild Man 7)

Previous episodes are here. Once upon a time, the kingdom of Hearst celebrated the birth of Prince Roderick by declaring a war of expansion upon its neighbours. King Doran set out to expand his territory as a christening gift for his son. Eilhu avoided Mirabelle but caught the whispers of war on the wind. HeContinue reading “The Strange Knight (The Wild Man 7)”

A Sparrow’s Song

Loviisa held the rifle to arms, narrowed her eyes to focus on the deer in her sights. The glare of the sunlight made her head hurt, but she went away inside herself, to the cool perfect zero that enveloped her in the moment before she pulled the trigger. She had learned to find comfort inContinue reading “A Sparrow’s Song”


( The train sat, a dying king over a ruined kingdom, scarred with a million journeys and covered in a mosaic of graffiti, each one the manifestation of a singular intention. Mostly to be seen, but other intentions were captured there. Now, look at this one. Looks like it was done for practice, but ifContinue reading “Tag”

In Country

Homeless people aren’t supposed to exist. Much like veterans of unpopular or obscure wars, we’re the equivalent of flatulence after a good meal. Expected, logical, organic but to some people, we’re an embarrassment. We shouldn’t exist because we remind others of frailty and mortality. It’s why there are more movies about military power than sacrifice.Continue reading “In Country”

All The Merry Men

1. ‘The art to diplomacy is to subdue an opponent without direct conflict.’ Asra said. I lowered my chin to my chest to avoid the sentiment that arose in my face. She gave a dry laugh. ‘Yet most of your stories involve direct conflict. How would you explain that?’ To ask Asra such a question,Continue reading “All The Merry Men”

A Bridge For The Furies:Inventory

Cara rolled her eyes in dismay at Gloria. Gloria picked up her drink and took a sip and shuddered with the strength of it. ‘So you don’t question intelligent gas clouds, but you question a simple hack?’ It’s false nails and a set of contact lenses. You’re talking about some fucking Galactus level event andContinue reading “A Bridge For The Furies:Inventory”

A Bridge For The Furies 5: Performance and Cocktails.

(This is a photograph of a bar designed by HR Giger. I know, right?) Previous episodes are here, here, here and here. Cara ushered them through a set of double doors into a small lounge, where chairs shaped like clam shells were arranged around rectangular tables. Which would not have attracted anyone’s notice aside fromContinue reading “A Bridge For The Furies 5: Performance and Cocktails.”

A Bridge For The Furies: 4.

Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 ‘THE LEVIATHAN MAY HAVE NO ALTERNATIVE WITHIN THIS SPHERE BEYOND GROWTH AND FEBRILE AMBITION’ Olivia stood there, looking up at the luminescent cloud that moved against the prevailing gravity with the liquid insistence of a jellyfish. Each time it spoke, it produced flashes of brilliant light that strippedContinue reading “A Bridge For The Furies: 4.”

A Bridge For The Furies: 3

Drea¬†looked up at the sky, the kind of blue that you only see on cars and decided that this was all John’s fault. They had just come off another win, by a rear naked choke in the second round against Jodie Innson, a scrappy Australian who threw a left hand from god and never wentContinue reading “A Bridge For The Furies: 3”