Special Bear

Photo by Marina Shatskih on Pexels.com Special Bear 1.This was Jessica's last client of the day. She had been looking forward to this one. Ed Miller was one of the clients who had been the subject of much debate in the office. He had asked to speak to his solicitor, who had no interest in … Continue reading Special Bear

The Dragon’s Dream – An Excerpt.

(This is the first chapter from Episode 5 and I am deep into the eighth episode at the moment. Something to whet the appetite, and I'd welcome any comments and feedback) 1. The catfish had been fat and frantic for days, near leaping into the nets. They fermented and salted much of it for the … Continue reading The Dragon’s Dream – An Excerpt.

The fifth Ron Brandywood book is done

So, it's now onto the sixth book, and from there, ever onwards. I've also published a couple of courses, one about running table top role playing games which is here. I've also published a free writing course, which is available here. Also, I am available for editing and writing consultations with individuals and businesses. I've … Continue reading The fifth Ron Brandywood book is done