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My New Addiction

This has been a recent and welcome discovery. There’s a lot of content but the warmth and enthusiasm is infectious and soon you’ll be hoping to find someone else who’s into it so you can talk to them about it.



Take what you are given

Seeing the guilt

there and wondering what

you did to cause it

other than try to walk

a path lit by goodness

and, sin shows you,

how self denial is a performance

when the reward gathers dust,








to love so much it hurts

to breathe beneath the

weight of it

and the blade turns

opening the wound

wide enough

to fall through

into nothing

but a quiet, dignified


Because you should know

By now

It is in

On you

But God you love

And you just want to show her

Without being destroyed by it



Barely more than a whisper

Because I’m less inclined

But more sure than ever

Able to step back

Down up and to the side

You’re a lot of great stories

And my relief lies within the


Of performance worn to keep

My place at your side

These sweet dreams don’t fade away

On waking and the thought of betrayal

Leaves an acid taste to even consider it

But all my prayers are actions,

Worn but protective

Like the winter coat

And the pre loved books

I read to youIn the fading lightSure, wishing I could helpTake the pain awayFrom you but you’re from stronger stuffSo much compassion hereAnd as awful as you are,Still love you like my writingI’m as much magician as loverAnd this, a spell to keep you postedAbout my heroes journeyConnected to the heartBeneath scarred skin,Temperate because no more needFor love bombs when the peace processWorks so wellMake peace to meNaked and gigglingSshIt adds to the tensionMy book Until She Sings is out now.Ebook:Until She Sings Mailing List for announcements and news with a free short story as a thank you.

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If  you sign up to my mailing list, then you will get advance notice of any books or stories available, exclusive previews and announcements, as well as access to an exclusive short story by way of thanks. Please click on the link below and then share it with people who you think will enjoy my work.

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On Writing And Process

My forthcoming book Until She Sings represents a lot of things all together and I thought I would pop up and talk about my writing.

Part of being productive is being organised and not just generating ideas but fleshing them out into finished work. My process has changed in line with experience and perspective, so there’s less guesswork and more content produced.

I’ve always been prolific and I’m curating the work to make available for sale because I figure if someone likes one thing of mine then having more work available makes sense.

There are more stages now because it’s all sourced in the idea of selling my writing, so I have to consider cover art, descriptive copy and brand marketing which are important to keep things interesting.

First drafts now are written to outline, in longhand and then edited as they get typed up. I have other books coming but I’m taking things with more seriousness.

If you’ve enjoyed my writing then you’ll be able to buy it and it represents the best possible art I can make.

I hope you will be part of this with me.

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It needed a touch of focus and polish, so here it is. Please share with people who might enjoy my work. Or your enemies, it’s not up to me what you do with it.