Hey Kitty — Sara in LaLaLand

The divine feminine captured ably. Hey kitty, what are you doing there? I see you concentrating on your stare Sprawled out, manner nonchalant A kitty that goes wherever he wants Soaking up the sun Having kitty fun You’re so cute Laying there mute Minding your own business Displaying your wiseness Looking out at the world … Continue reading Hey Kitty — Sara in LaLaLand


Dominant Hand

This is my dominant hand It can be raised In your defence Strike down anyone Who wounds you With a wrath straight Out of the Old Testament And on completion Reach you Reach in you Fingers pinching Ravishing Defining Palm striking Warming Striking Disciplining Pinning you down Making you writhe  Beneath it Even controlling your … Continue reading Dominant Hand

A sweet pulsing dream 

My fingers Holding Stroking Hurting Pinching Ravishing A sweet Pulsing dream More real Than routines Than compromised Concessions They do not beg Or make an argument For their skill And worth Your sucking warmth A route to carnal freedoms Kissing each fingertip In turn Your perfumed musk Sweet against My skin Now bring your Cupids … Continue reading A sweet pulsing dream 

A Sunlit Touch

My hands Resplendent With informed strength Working with  Your tension My motion Unwinding the strain That you carry within you An emptiness A cessation Of anxiety A fulfilment  Rushing into  Your skin My touch is so sure Defining All that you are The care of surgery The art that caresses  Words onto  The page Pinching … Continue reading A Sunlit Touch

Sir 2.0 Episode 3

You inhale the oils in the water, carried across from the steam. You can no longer hear the ambient murmurs of the audience. A quiet relief blunts your discomfort to a degree where it becomes part of the burgeoning arousal within you. Your acceptance has unlocked the first stirrings of a wild, terrible power within you. Your … Continue reading Sir 2.0 Episode 3