Silence,I’m Watching Televison

Jessica Jones - It's much better than Daredevil because it's obligations to continuity are slight, so it's allowed to tell a story that's ostensibly about obsession, autonomy, guilt and grief. It also has some bits that made me cringe a little but it's all written and performed with so much energy and sincerity that it … Continue reading Silence,I’m Watching Televison

Suicide Squad/Batman vs Superman – random thoughts

Trailers only show scenes from perhaps the first two acts of a movie.  They're an art form in and of themselves.  I enjoy them but I'm seldom completely swayed by their arguments.  So DC are rolling out their attempt to build a cinematic universe around their characters.  It's not as well thought out as Marvel … Continue reading Suicide Squad/Batman vs Superman – random thoughts

Silence, I’m watching television

The Sacrament A mockumentary that captures a raw unease and sense of dread whilst using a spare almost dogme approach.  It tells of a visit to a religious commune isolated by choice and the resulting tragedy.  Orange is the new black I love this show.  Humane,  funny and with a good edge to it.  It's … Continue reading Silence, I’m watching television

On Joss Whedon and social media

This isn't done to mock Joss Whedon or feminist activists who took umbrage with his latest film Age of Ultron. This is about whether or not you should,  as a creator, separate art from politics,  especially in these times and with the increasing outrage and partisanship. I like to keep my art and politics separate.  … Continue reading On Joss Whedon and social media

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 13/04/2015

It really sang this morning, a little bit of exposition, not hanging too heavily in the moment as I am keen to move things onward but I was conscious of still showing, rather than telling too much. In this process, where I'm emptying my head of everything that the story demands, I'm still also aware … Continue reading Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 13/04/2015

Silence, I’m Watching Television

The teaser trailer for season 2 of True Detective has gone up online, the fifth season of Game of Thrones starts on Monday here in the UK, The Walking Dead has finished with a bit of a whimper and Better Call Saul has just concluded. OK, so I'll start this off. I've read all the … Continue reading Silence, I’m Watching Television