Watching and Reading.

WE OWN THIS CITY Based on a true story and a subsequent book, this is a compact, thoughtful and passionate indictment of police and political corruption. Jon Bernthal's soulful and self-destructive performance gives the whole story a raw and rugged authenticity. It is a considered production with the same melancholy wisdom as The Wire. THE … Continue reading Watching and Reading.


The Value of Archetypes

(In which I rant about storytelling, immature art and editing. If this isn't interesting, then skip it because I won't be mad) SPOILERS BELOW FOR LOTS OF SHOWS AND MOVIES. Anyone else feeling vaguely dissatisfied with the state of big entertainment? A vague sense of betrayal and frustration? Now, this goes into the weeds a … Continue reading The Value of Archetypes

Silence, I’m Watching Television

Here's some thoughts about what I've been watching: Goliath, Amazon Prime. Two seasons with Billy Bob Thornton in a show created by David E Kelley. The latter created Ally MacBeal and Boston Legal, which were crisp, entertaining and arch legal dramas. Here the combination of the two talents has led to sixteen episodes of a … Continue reading Silence, I’m Watching Television

Silence,I’m Watching Television

Game of Thrones - season 7, episode 1. I have been thinking about my youth and how I was mocked for my love of comics and pop culture, pilgrimages to Norwich and Abstract Sprocket (where i had a pull list every month), permanent residence in the fantasy, science fiction and horror sections of the library. … Continue reading Silence,I’m Watching Television

Long Past Midnight

Sunlight A blessing on Our skins Far from the persistent Idiocy of the crowd A blanket beneath Half in and out Of clothes Minds With a lust Possessed by Electric angels The sodden silk Of your underwear Tested by my fingers Bringing to light The expression of Pleasure that Shows your secret beauty What an … Continue reading Long Past Midnight