Most of what we buy and eat is crap. It is killing us, to exercise the choice of a world’s worth of processed cuisine. All of it available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There will never be a fat acceptance movement for men. There are people out there who are proud they … Continue reading Diet

The Rush of My Blood Come here Put yourself in my hands Because your purity Makes me ache To leave marks To see how beautiful You’d look Flushed and spoiled   I want to break you Sweetly and thoroughly Hands bound Because something in your Eyes begs me to try That you dare me To show you the gentle … Continue reading The Rush of My Blood

A Storm That Frightens The Animal

The unspoken heat  Between us seethes Peering between the bars Of it’s cage Yet so often, it’s lust Is mistaken for anger But here, we pass one another The means to set it free. Wrestling against one another Mouths blooming where they meet Hands finding something worthy To touch, the fragile strength That grows and … Continue reading A Storm That Frightens The Animal

Diving My touch, Slow as time’s passing Curiosity informing the tools Of moistened, agile tongue Saliva slick fingertips So even the friction Feels like warm gold sliding Down the inside of your thighs Diving beneath the surface The golden lakes of our flesh Held in one another’s mouths Small stabs of pleasure Building until we … Continue reading Diving

A Violent Imagination (spoken word)

I sit, at a desk Walk through a park Smiling to passersby In my head though, Oh god, in my head You’re beautifully dishevelled Glowing with sweat, Raised up, put on a pedestal, Glistening with filth You taste so delightful in my head today Darling, I respect you Which is why I’m man enough To … Continue reading A Violent Imagination (spoken word)