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I will keep All our secrets But not dwell on them Too often Enough Like sips To moisten the lips But there is a beast Which knows no restraint And there are people Monsters who would find Meat and marrow In releasing him So, curation Falls to a tender, attentive Librarian Filed under silence



My strength is not Solely in service To the movement Of things thought Immovable Or to break the Unbreakable No, let me show You how I can be gentle With it in its depths To open. Dive into the ocean of you Retrieve the treasure I saw From the first To engulf you with it … Continue reading Strength


I breathe through Sorrow A samurai of feeling I tie my armour Tighter over the Wounds Wash away the blood I practice my craft Ritual Determination Patience Purpose Each kata of expression Cleaves my demons in two With that discipline Comes a channelled fury I can speak softly, show kindness And still bring forth A … Continue reading Samurai.


Lift the iron Throw the fist Until my demons Are dismissed Feel the pump Of burning red And thoughts  Of you Writhe in my Head Your thighs I part With callused hand Fuck you until You understand A criminal To charm the Severest jury Little girl You will grow To love my fury My hand … Continue reading Lift