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I will keep All our secrets But not dwell on them Too often Enough Like sips To moisten the lips But there is a beast Which knows no restraint And there are people Monsters who would find Meat and marrow In releasing him So, curation Falls to a tender, attentive Librarian Filed under silence

Reflections in two mirrors

He sent them to be seen by her. That he had tangible proof of his commitment to his purpose and his growth. Each session, each rejection of easy but costly temptation was there in the heft of his pectorals, the lines and striations in his hip flexors and the way that the softness around his … Continue reading Reflections in two mirrors


Everyone has an opinion A right to be heard But when all anyone does is Scream, even the tiny bones In your ears soften to wax Taking stock A guarded retreat To the calm places within Watching The brown foaming anger Thick glistening chunks of outrage Bobbing on its churning surface Congealing against the walls Under your … Continue reading Silence