Keygoyle – a drabble

(From Chuck Palahniuk, a prompt about a closed space. There are three here, in this story) Kyle pulled out of the driveway, blinking away tears. Kyle didn't see it, paranoia like rabid dogs loose in his head. They'll wait before doing anything which might get them caught, he tells himself. In his mind, he imagined … Continue reading Keygoyle – a drabble


You’re Broken By Your Untold Stories

I know it's tough when the words don't want to go play in the fields of your imagination. Like a hunger pang which makes you question whether you're capable of telling the story which lives inside you.  You call yourself an 'aspiring writer' but you just want to get it down, with the themes and … Continue reading You’re Broken By Your Untold Stories

Cerebral Electrical Silence (The Transformation Episode 22) Previous episodes are here: Kelly looked out of the window. Her skin was tender to the touch and she had tried to keep herself forward. The discomfort had deepened and John sat with her, holding her hand as the plane descended.   'It's bad isn't it?' she said.   John rubbed his eyes … Continue reading Cerebral Electrical Silence (The Transformation Episode 22)


Tammy had been Tommy.   She was not my first trans patient, but she was the youngest and the first in a case which appeared to be a response to trauma. I could not discount the factors involved and there had been hormone treatments to consider in terms of their impact on a child's development. … Continue reading THERE IS A MAZE

A Thanksgiving Guest

Paul sat on the kerb, staring out at nothing, shuddering despite the blanket wrapped around him.The African medallion hung from his neck. There was a single drop of blood splattered across it. Detective Harris stood across from him as she kept an eye on the CSUs processing the scene. He glanced up, brown eyes watering … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Guest

A Messenger (The Wild Man Season 2)

Once upon a time, Paul sat on his throne and listened to the complaints of his people. The love they had for his brother had not translated to him although his reign had been peaceful albeit marked by tragedy.   A messenger arrived. She passed a scroll to him, curtsied despite wearing leggings and a … Continue reading A Messenger (The Wild Man Season 2)