Could, Not Should

Ahead of its release on 26/10/2020, here is another in a series of short stories to promote The Lightning Thesaurus, my next book. Tal watched the pub, huddled against the rain underneath a cloak which had more patches than cloak to its name. His hand strayed to the knife in his belt, touching it for … Continue reading Could, Not Should

STORIES – A Ron Brandywood Encounter

A Ron Brandywood Encounter. Garvin gnawed the chicken leg. He made small, wet noises of appreciative mastication as Ron watched the fire. Screening out the noises was a meditative practice, and at least the noises were coming from the end he could see.  Once he had cracked open the bone and sucked out the marrow, … Continue reading STORIES – A Ron Brandywood Encounter

Boody is out now When a teenage girl's adolescent behaviour turns sinister, her desperate parents turn to an unlikely source of aid.

I Will Look For You, Baby

Tomorrow would have been a day of splendid heraldry.  Five years to the day. We had picked out every detail, lost in the tremendous, anxious excitement of a day celebrating our love.  The start of everything.  That last evening was full of mundane details in which tragedy lent a mythic resonance  I had undercooked the … Continue reading I Will Look For You, Baby

1UP (Drabble)

She looked at him across the dancefloor. Plucking up the courage to say hello again. The lights are kind to everyone in here, but she still feels a small shame at how time has left its mark on her. She walks across the dancefloor. When he smiles at her, it's twenty years gone in an … Continue reading 1UP (Drabble)