Way and Symphony

To lower my head to you Palms underneath Careful as picking a lock Kisses salt mixed with  Your wetness  Bathe you there Seeking locus Frequency  Symphony of you Find and sing it with me Into being Bring you home to me Then arrange  Raise Find my way home  In my own sweetly powerful Way 


Sometimes, rabbit

Photo by Rafael Guajardo on Pexels.com Kissing one another Like gloves being turned inside out My fingers cast spells against your tender places Find the jewel there, polish it With caresses tender as Surgery Flowing from one state to another, The delightful rise of smoke Coming from the solidity Of my fingers against your flesh … Continue reading Sometimes, rabbit


Evelyn sat there, hand on Mark's forearm as she turned the stem of the wineglass. Her nails stroked along the white starched cuff of his shirt as she continued to recollect her day. 'So, I've been working on this article, like ten things to say to a guy that you've swiped left on -' Dinner … Continue reading Signing

In night’s bitter watches

Do not mistake My quiet for gentility My manners are camouflage To disguise the beast That lives beneath This skin I am capable Of the sweetest fury To extend the control I have To you. Pout and tell me how mean I am but I see the light in your eyes How you long for … Continue reading In night’s bitter watches


Tied upShe lays stillA slight warmthCradles her clitUndulating CirclingLike a figure skater on iceHer body movesHyper kineticallyNo control Draped in goose bumpsShe realizes it’s he who leads in this danceAs she trusts his every move

to be broken in a perfumed garden

I want To break you Not from cruelty Or weakness But from a want Strong as gravity. Even in passing, The urge you inspire Makes my paws heavy Ready to grasp you close Pull your hair, Tease and dishevel you A rambunctious glorious play. Belly laughter and bruises, Red stripes of flesh like tiger markings, … Continue reading to be broken in a perfumed garden