beauty, love, masculinity, poetry, sex, women

Sweet prayers

Never sure

If I’m divine inspiration

Or demonic warning

Perhaps a hairs breadth

Between them

Sit still with animal


Dionysus making other plans

And sometimes I

Touch you and you recoil

Too much energy

At too tender a time

I would render you

Into the woods

Take you amidst the

Leaves on a found altar

Over and over again

Raw with it

And in so doing




All the same

All served

Coral pink kisses

Sweet and damp

Serving as prayer

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

A Song For A Beast

It isn’t so much

A matter of giving the

Beast what it wants

As not indulging it

When it comes to you

Of not slipping loose

This skin

And pinning you down

Fuck you to shuddering pieces

Make a mess of you

Until your pleading eyes

Look into mine

And see

Everything and nothing

You could recognise

Like an asteroid

Hurtling towards you

Too implacable to destroy

But you will only

Burn with too much


Singing to your pelvis

Equal parts percussion

Bass and melody

Until my beast

Falls silent

beauty, love, lust, masculinity, poetry, sex, women

Crowned by the dawn

All the warmth and joy without

Having to be furtive in pursuit

A languid pace

A child’s idling walk

Busy, at times, to the point

Where I can hardly catch

My breath

But I surf or spread wings

Of persistent purpose

And take to the skies

I could run naked

Into the woods.

Howl with such joy

Make a bed of soft leaves

To take you upon

Weave flowers

In your hair

And the ones on your head

Sniff and stroke

Rough fingers, made damp

With skill

Coax high whispers of delight

As I took possession

But first,

Tea and lunches packed,

Shopping lists,

Crowned by the dawn

With work already done

And I tell you nothing

But show you

Each and every time

beauty, love, lust, men, poetry, sex

What Becomes

I find




Into raw materials

Alchemical focus

As the slow burn of

Desire held at bay

Becomes art

But still,

A man who would be comfortable

With taking you hard

Wherever I found you

But duty and appropriate

Behaviour stay my rough, strong

Hands and their invitation

To your sweet, secret places

So for now

It becomes


beauty, love, masculinity, poetry, sex, women

Day and date

Each day is a date

As much as a struggle

Not to ravish you against the


To lap at you

As a wave laps against the shore

A crown of foam raised

Then swallowed back

But the world demands

My participation.

My attention

But you stand there

I breathe you in

Inhale you until you shiver

Then go about my day

But I carry you with me

Equally distraction

And inspiration

Until such time as high tide


Made uncivil by appetite

And pin down

This beast within me

A man, nothing more

But also everything

beauty, love, poetry, sex, women



of Flaming


At rest

Beneath my clothes

As I receive another visitor

I only talk about the enlightenment

I offer with beautiful women

And the memories of wine

On my lips

Arranged just so

Bringing visions with each

Supine thrust

Fingers drawing out

Prayers to the divine

Rising in the air

Like temple incense

I offer the wisdom

Open your thighs

I would be a God

Between them

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

In some small way

Quiet inside

come to you

Breathe you in

Nose against the nape 

Of your neck

Hands wandering around

Gruff chuckles

Giggles joining

Nothing I would call force

But a playful wrestle

Mark you in some small way

Make sure you know

Who you belong to