Purpose and Mindset (Advice For Men)

Internal:   Purpose   A man is what he does, not who he is.   It is a cruel idea to know all your good qualities have no value in the marketplace of people.   A devotion to a relationship kills it with the weight of attention.   These dichotomies are bitter medicine, but there … Continue reading Purpose and Mindset (Advice For Men)


much beyond sleep

Smile in the quiet Up late, Writing to alleviate The constant hum of Purpose Only I hear it The song, thick and low, Like wine in my veins More achieved, Building a monument Visible from inner space, Potent with achievement Put the pages away but they Do not leave my sight Much beyond sleep


Suns first blush Letting you sleep awhile Stealing away to the page But I'll return This is no secret How I've always known This connection to a process I've worn as armour Laid beneath like a blanket fort And you've never sought to Steal it from me So here, between pages, A kiss of phonemes … Continue reading Gravity

Episode 27 – (The Transformation)To Take Flight Without Leaving The Ground

https://p0rg.deviantart.com/art/Hold-On-57499889 Previous episodes are here. 1. Olivia looked at her hand, fingers splayed, fascinated by what was happening to her. The webbing between her fingers had swollen into translucence, with minute black veins visible beneath the surface. A sharp burst of pain flared in her fingertips as pearlescent needles slid forward, set in beads of … Continue reading Episode 27 – (The Transformation)To Take Flight Without Leaving The Ground

Writing Update 14/04/17.

I hit 50 pages on the first draft in longhand, and have copied and pasted the individual episodes of The Ogden Review into a file for editing and restructuring into a complete book that I aim to pitch to my agent once I have gone through it. It is strange to read older work. There … Continue reading Writing Update 14/04/17.

Writing and Reading

I am now 185 pages into Lawful Evil in second draft and already had notes from the agent about it. It's more technical and descriptive issues than the story, which is a good thing as the story is always the most important thing to me. It is the bass of any book, the foundation and … Continue reading Writing and Reading