Writing Update

Im now 190 pages into the first draft of The Exit Counselor which i am doing longhand. I am waiting for my agent to get in touch about Until She Sings. I am reworking Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere into a leaner book. There were things i found which did not sit right so i am … Continue reading Writing Update


Writing Updates

I have reached the 120 page on Lawful Evil, which means that the first pad of longhand has been typed up and edited. There have been some changes, mostly for the sake of clarity and a few scenes, which although pleasing to have written and read, don't move the story forward. I am waiting for … Continue reading Writing Updates

On Writing – Second Drafts and Approaches

I am now 65 pages into the second draft of Lawful Evil. What has been interesting for me is that I am a lot more ruthless with it than the first draft than I have been in previous books. A lot of that comes from experience, an understanding that my first drafts are about getting … Continue reading On Writing – Second Drafts and Approaches

Patience and Process

Sit down, listen and I will share something I've learned. I have learned this through pain and upset, which is how the best lessons are learned. Ask a thwarted lover, they will tell you, if they can manage to stop crying long enough for any degree of clarity. The most difficult thing to learn when … Continue reading Patience and Process

Sir 2.0 Episode 2: Processing.

You swallow but your throat is acrid with tension. You cannot make out the details of the people watching you, only that they are there. The gown continues to shift up on the back of your legs, adding self consciousness, drop by drop, over the stir of emotions that collide and change within you. 'To … Continue reading Sir 2.0 Episode 2: Processing.