beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, strength, women


My strength is not

Solely in service

To the movement

Of things thought


Or to break the


No, let me show

You how I can be gentle

With it in its depths

To open.

Dive into the ocean of you

Retrieve the treasure I saw

From the first

To engulf you with it

Wrists in my hands

Pinned and to fuck light

Into you

Until you bruise

With ripeness

To hold firm amidst the

Storm of you

And trust your flights away

Conclude in reunion

To teach you how to shudder

And get what you ask for

From me without concern

For the cares of others

To trust I give the good,deep ache

Over melancholic paper cuts

And photocopied mantras

Of arbitrary goodness

I tear, I break, I rip

Only to build something





Wear a braid

Imagine my hand on it




beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Resumption of Purpose

Awash with

Tender fury

Daring to face impossible

Odds and armed with

Purpose. The world is not a

Prison but a playground

And I take your hands

Guide your steps

Dress you with words

Kiss you like I invented it

Pay attention with the

Force of gravity

I have stared into the world

And saw invitation

Over rejection and how

You call to me

As I build a new world

A warm, loving surrender

Wear something to show me

That you know the way

And walk to me

Slow or fast

But please be fast

I clench with want

At the sight of you

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

The Thought, The Shape

Make the choice

Then all the others

Follow like birds flying south

Wearing the clothes I picked

Out and the accessories

Which form their own


One of power



A secret worn

Like the kisses


I leave

I’m brute benevolence

Gentle directions

And against me

Dash yourself

Or curl around me

My fur is soft

Warm and beneath it

Strong flesh commanded by

The thought

The shape




beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women


Underneath me

Legs and arms locked
The slapping hum of bodies
In motion
Opening you with my strength
Deep as breath
Taste you on my lips
The bright wonder shining
And how I wrestle
Doubt into
Not submission
But surrender
Say my name
For the sheer volume
Throb of it
Fuck the doubt from you
With just a look
beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Elements of Light

I carry love

In my pockets

A sense of self

Opposite side

To my wallet

Travel and live light

But I am planted

Long thick branches

To shelter under

Rough, warm bark

Sap as sweet as


Of earth and sky

Lit from within

And flowing through

The toughest parts




Swim, dig, burn, gush with feeling

Nothing you can find the

Receipt for

But I never take the gift of me back

It only becomes unwelcome

By virtue of

A horrible victory

Rather than the bliss of




beauty, men, poetry, women


I’m dark celebration

Bright lament

Quiet and low

Rich fertile soil

The kind I lay you down to

Fuck upon

Nothing much

To say and the words

Are how I reach across

The sky

Saying hello

Toeing the dirt with

The tip of my travelling shoe

See you and tell you my stories

When it pleases us both

To do so

I struggle to be

Polite with you

Rough hands see you

And call you home

So this is me

Just a man



Walking around

Building a better world

A bigger playground

And seeing who comes



beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women


Stripped of everything

Including civility

I’m speaking in acts

The words have done

Their work and retreat

Against the urgency

Of you

Only you

Hem lifted

Underwear torn away

Things I would apologize

For if I thought it

Necessary but

How your eyes shine

A little fear,

A lot of want,

You may not see the



But feel it

Hard, bright and beautiful


Trembling thighs apart

As my fingers find you

Obeying my only rule

Feed me with your eyes

The honey on my fingers

Tastes as sweet as it feels

And even my caveat

Of asking permission

Is a route to

pulsing surrender

Watching sunsets explode

In your eyes

Breaking and


Say my name

As my actions

Gift feeling

Better stronger and more

Than anything

You’ve known