An Afternoon’s Appointment (NSFW)

You arrive at 1500, on the dot. You let yourself in, wearing the uniform as discussed, woefully impractical for the task but that is part of the appeal. He sits at the table, working on a legal pad, dressed in a crisp white shirt and jeans, faded to white at the knees, snug and broken in … Continue reading An Afternoon’s Appointment (NSFW)


Where The Light Gets In

My bones strung With Christmas lights, And I feel the light getting out Through the scars of my Mistakes but I've learned, How to offer forgiveness, To those who warrant it, Silence to those who do not, And although there have been Long stretches of velveteen dark, I made myself real, And took to the … Continue reading Where The Light Gets In

Good weather

Good weather And we lay on the blanket An exquisite portrait Framed in sunlight My fingers find the Best places and you Swoon, full with deep, warm Pleasure. Look into my eyes See how your pleasure Reflects in mine A loving, firm command Skins tingling like Fairy dust And the whole world Is lava right … Continue reading Good weather

The End Of The Affair (Quote)

I loved this film, beautifully filmed and devastating. This scene struck me in particular. Sarah: Love doesn't end, just because we don't see each other. Maurice Bendrix: Doesn't it? Sarah: People go on loving God, don't they? All their lives. Without seeing him. Maurice Bendrix: That's not my kind of love. Sarah: Maybe there is … Continue reading The End Of The Affair (Quote)