Forests Speak Slow

(An excerpt from a forthcoming book) Ron looked up at the branches as they waved in the breeze. One thing he noticed was the slight differences in climate and temperature, the sense of a unique environment against the rest of the surrounding territory. It was cooler as they went further in, and beneath his bare … Continue reading Forests Speak Slow


No place, but here,

Stood savage yet gentle, Rooted, yet there is motion Come forward, Remove yourself from the mind The ceaseless quest of knowledge, Building defences against the unseen and insane, Within Without All the same, Place your palm Against the rough bark of My trunk Listen Shelter is here For you and your world of thought My … Continue reading No place, but here,

Elena, In The Woods

When Mrs Parris walked into my office with her nose upturned, I allowed her a measure of disdain to hide behind. The local police and FBI had failed to find her daughter, so here she was with an envelope of unmarked bills. She decided to stand, rather than sit down. The money leavened the insults … Continue reading Elena, In The Woods

Before The Sun Departs

'Now it's a race to breed before the sun departs.' David Attenborough, Frozen Planet   1. The roar of the wind drowned out everything but Drifting Snow felt Gift's paws crunch against the snow, and when she turned, he was there, leading her to where they would mate again. The sun was setting, but there … Continue reading Before The Sun Departs

A hope for peace The previous episode is here.     John made another pot of coffee and offered Kelly co-codamol. she looked at the small bottle with care, saw it was a few years old, the ink where his name was printed had faded to grey.   ' They don't mix well with my chemistry.' … Continue reading A hope for peace

Down By The Pier   Jenny was wiping down the counter when she watched Shirley hobble to the end of the pier, a carrier bag of stale bread swinging from her left hand as she looked out at the sunset.   The burger bar was hot, uncomfortable work and she went home each day with a fresh burn … Continue reading Down By The Pier