A Mother Has All The Weapons She Needs

His father gave a rattling, final breath. Magnus reached out and drew down his father's eyelids with a precise brush of his fingertips. He turned and looked at his younger brother, Peter who came over and put his hand on his brother's shoulder. Magnus hid the flinch which came to him and ran his tongue … Continue reading A Mother Has All The Weapons She Needs

To Never Feel Odd

The odd little habits Seeds of the man I'd become, Never questioned or mocked, It never occurred to me, If I was different Because you would put a plaster On my knee if I fell over, Not worry about what I was reading I know how much a woman Gives up to be a mother … Continue reading To Never Feel Odd

Lights In The Sky

Jenny parked the truck, unbuckled her seatbelt and looked out through the smeared windshield. She saw the empty child seat in the rearview mirror and wiped her eyes before the tears came. She opened the door and got out, breathing through her mouth to limit the stink as she walked around to the trunk and … Continue reading Lights In The Sky

Maternal Burden

She wore a silk jersey dress, patterned in diamonds of blue and white. Her hair was a blunt bob, cut in around the ears and the back of her neck. She had a slight overbite, which leavened her beauty, vulnerable and approachable, were it not for the fierce, bright light in her eyes. Coltish legs … Continue reading Maternal Burden

Please Come Home, It’s Dark Here

The little things never go away. They fade. There is a relief in that, a cold, analgesic sensation that allows you to pretend that you can function. But the universe breathes on it and it flares into life again. Today I found one of his building block sets behind the couch. He had built a … Continue reading Please Come Home, It’s Dark Here

Black Eyed Angel, Smile With Me

My mother gave me an indirect, covert education. Our lessons were conducted in the wan light of country afternoon and the velveteen absence of light in her darkroom. Her photography bore the odd angles and blurred sun dogs of the enthusiastic amateur but she worked at it with a dogged focus that lent our lives … Continue reading Black Eyed Angel, Smile With Me