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What lived here,Sometimes I am prone to envy,Of those who slip away,Give up, lay down and scrabbleBecause failure cuts deep,And you can sustain an infinite amountOf wounds without dying,Here, a place visited,As much a church to meAs any library,But I’ve survived the worst combinations of love and hate,And listen to me,You can too, because there’s a savage,quiet joyin advancing your position,Because the world knocks me off myFeet and I get up,Because I know what a bastard I can be,And those parts of me,They don’t offer sympathy,So much competition,So little reward,But I’m the product of a million year’s evolution,And as much as I love the woods,There are more stages now,And as a bastard in remission,I enter into the fray,Offer my art and soul,Heart and sole,Offered that I’ve been an asshole, tooBut I’m working onBeing destroyed by itReturning, scarred but smiling,And a squirrel climbs a treeGood omensFor the week ahead,Home now,Light and warmth,Smiles which compel me towards the end of the seasonAmbitions and empires no shelterCouldEverContain.My book Until She Sings is out now.



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beauty, love, masculinity, poetry, women

Whether dream

beauty, love, masculinity, poetry, women

Whether dream

Streets turned to mirrors

Marking time with cigarettes

And in my head

I’m twisting you to points of

Sublime, complicated pleasure

Being smart is sometimes

As much a burden as being aroused

The world mocks the man

Who owns himself



But my kisses are sweet

And before the world calls me


One last kiss

Whether dream

Whether real

To send us off

To whatever comes


love, masculinity, poetry

Strings of light and shadow

There are moments

Hung suspended

A string of lights

Still lit,

Long past the season,

A few bulbs, dead with time

But sat there,

Bathed in a carnival of light,

All festive colours

Even the cheer has a dim memory,

But the shadows matter as much

As the light they oppose,

And between them both

I sit

And hold your hand

grief, love, masculinity, poetry, women



Where we never met

Where I didn’t message you

Or I died tragically young

Terribly old

Where I lived in shadow

Afraid to let the light touch my soul

Worlds Where I didn’t

Betray my marriage and don’t feel

Guilt and relief when I look at the space on my finger

Where I didn’t let her go

Or she never arrived

Where I was smart enough

Good enough

Where I didn’t feel like dying

Worlds other than this

But here in this one

All and nothing

Alone in a way I can’t explain or justify

This is the only world I know

And across them all


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After Work (NSFW)


‘Hello.’ I said.

‘Hey.’ David┬ásaid.

I smiled as I held the phone to my ear as I swiped my pass card then opened the door.

‘How was it?’ he said.

‘Honestly?’ I said.

‘Yes.’ he said.

He almost sounded amused. Continue reading

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The smoke coils upwards,

Faint and always in the process

Of becoming something else

Invisible to the eye

But sensed

When you’re free to be quiet

I replenish in solitude,

Connect to the self,

As the day rubs its eyes,

Breathes in and if you

Concentrate with the earnestness of

A child’s wish,

You get to breathe with it



Burdened with the charge of

Dissatisfied hungers,

quiet concerns,

But still,