love, masculinity, poetry, women

A quiet coronation


See past it all

Diving into an ocean of self

Without getting wet

But soaked in the flow

Strength without need

Supple to the breeze

Accepting of the wind

And the glory was mine

A quiet coronation

And a kingdom to care for

Territory maintained

Secret caverns open to the invited

And so, today,

I ruled in peace

Won battles without drawing blood

Sit with me,

Share your victories today,

I will listen with

The warmest interest

Without flinching in fear

Or need

masculinity, men, poetry

some sublime alchemy

reviewing books

you’ve never read

dancing about architecture

how do some people

presume to judge

what they’ll never experience

people can intellectualise

but imagination can be fragile

against the roaring storm

which lives within

the burning libido

how culture speaks to a dominance

better attributed to the individual

than the group

but once you reach into

the rough, dark places

see the beast within you

and how action is the antidote

to chaos and how it chokes your

Battle cries

you see the tightly closed

lips, defeated expressions

yet still they walk

so I make eye contact

smile and nod

i see you


we’re all marching somewhere

and by helping myself

i can help you

man or woman

if you recognise we are not

monsters anymore than

our capacity

to be so

but see the glory I exude

like winter sunlight



rapacious as your pupils

dilate before my glory

some sublime alchemy

of bad habits

being overcome

alongside positive


undiminished and honed

so a man

and all it entails

look to me

in the chaos

find me

stoic buddha

loving bear

ten feet tall

made of diamond

shining bright

like winter sunlight




beauty, love, masculinity, poetry, women

carried out on my shield

if time

is measured out

coffee spoons


then masculinity

is earned in small battles

lost too

but won

And each time

I set foot into the smallest


a room

and the sword of my actions

fits well into my hand

fight without an audience

but goddammit


I do, and the blood goes cold

Sometimes at the thought of it

But what choice do I have?

We know,

Fight with the intention of winning

Or dying in the attempt

I slipped into the world

And my shield came to me

When I leave

I will be

Carried upon it

With your tears drying on my cheek

And the imprint of your lips

Warmer than my skin

masculinity, poetry

to kill dragons

To see problems as challenges

Make the ascent

Even if the fall is steep,

There is a savage joy

Men shout to one another

Across the field of combat

Don the armour

Stitch closed the wounds with actions

Not words

See the glare of the dragon’s eyes

Through the smoke

Draw my sword

Focus with an edge to split hairs

Do battle with laughter

And abundance of spirit

Spit on my souls hands

Nothing is insurmountable

And in the dragon’s fire

Burnt and rebuilt


There is love




Such love

As to




masculinity, poetry, purpose, work

much beyond sleep

Smile in the quiet

Up late,

Writing to alleviate

The constant hum of


Only I hear it

The song, thick and low,

Like wine in my veins

More achieved,

Building a monument

Visible from inner space,

Potent with achievement

Put the pages away but they

Do not leave my sight

Much beyond sleep

love, masculinity, poetry, women

slaying dragons

Slaying the dragon

Isn’t done in a single blow

It fights with everything

From the places it has manifested,

Made a lair from the bones of my old excuses,

And each blow struck

Bathes me in its blood

The prima materia


Renewing me as I fight

Better poised to defeat it

A steep climb

But my hands are strong

They speak to my feeling

Its expression of my will

Breathing the air and finding it

Sweet for not knowing

How much air remains



beauty, love, lust, masculinity, poetry, sex, women


with your lips

your hands

your body

untie this knot

bound so tight

it aches sometimes

all men seek release

death or victory

even when awash

with the grand exhaustion

of purpose

sometimes it makes me


the rush to seed

toyed with like sweating dynamite

Now though,

Usher me to a blind, brilliant kiss

Moist and slick with play

As you take me from myself

Your waves washing over me

How high they crash

Soaking us