To Meet With You Again.

Swept by the Wind Through Holy places Wandering in search of Memories to feel whole again Now you find me Ready to guide you from thought Downwards into feeling Golden with want Kneeling beneath my gaze Beautiful, and wanton  


My erudition Is not deference Let me show you My teeth The fur upon my chest My thick thighs  Broad back To sweep you Into my embrace There is earth not dirt On my soul And you cannot wash it off Once you surrender Some small part Of you remains I clean you with my … Continue reading Teeth



Always striving Never complete I make art In so many ways With a focus That robs you of breath If you let yourself  Consider what it is That you might Be it's inspiration Come to me Every ounce of courage Hold nothing back You might settle Out of fear But here in unknown territory You … Continue reading Muse

Walk With Me 

The wind through The trees Birds singing Such places serve as churches Watching the dog Snuffle see his world I am capable of fury My body aches from Focused labour Hands as weapons But also instruments Of divine exploration To caress the contours To open and penetrate All the world and it's pleasures Visible in … Continue reading Walk With Me