Rain In The Afternoon

She had been squalling all day. A quiet irritation and restlessness had lent an edge to her demeanour. He had noticed it as he put the cup of tea down on the table that it would build and burn her out, then exhaust her. He could ignore it, but he saw how it hurt her … Continue reading Rain In The Afternoon


Way and Symphony

To lower my head to you Palms underneath Careful as picking a lock Kisses salt mixed with  Your wetness  Bathe you there Seeking locus Frequency  Symphony of you Find and sing it with me Into being Bring you home to me Then arrange  Raise Find my way home  In my own sweetly powerful Way 

To Be Good In All Things

The universe conspired to make me late for work again.'I've gone over the spreadsheet, Kevin, everything matches up. Look, I'll call Redman when I get in, okay, I have to go.'I ended the call. It took me just long enough to switch the radio on again when another call came through. The first few bars … Continue reading To Be Good In All Things

Live Wire — Heartstring Eulogies

“And my eyes. My eyes take you in and I feel like I’m attached to a live wire.” I wonder, darling, can you feel the electricity? That current that arcs back and forth between us? The kind of sparks that cannot be seen, but felt. I can feel them. They’re crackling between my fingertips. They’re […]Live … Continue reading Live Wire — Heartstring Eulogies

The Lightning Thesaurus is done

I've given it an edit and have sent it to beta reader for their feedback. If you'd like to be one, email me or leave a comment below. Next up is Ogden, and then working on more books and short fiction.


Streamlined curvesHarness an energy unboundWhispers to be takenYells for genuine dominationWhere are the men?That she calls daddyHer understandingOf who she isIs foreign to manyBut one manSpeaks her languageHer true sexual dictionary