beauty, love, poetry, sex, women



of Flaming


At rest

Beneath my clothes

As I receive another visitor

I only talk about the enlightenment

I offer with beautiful women

And the memories of wine

On my lips

Arranged just so

Bringing visions with each

Supine thrust

Fingers drawing out

Prayers to the divine

Rising in the air

Like temple incense

I offer the wisdom

Open your thighs

I would be a God

Between them

love, masculinity, poetry

Bibliographic satori

Among the cases
Equal parts silencd
And discourse

Bubbling like simmering water

If you’ve eyes to see it

there is grief and pain

Amidst the warm beauty

In my heart

Still in love with the world

And my fellow travellers

Even the rawest blues is a communication


Finding small measures 

Of joy and sadness

But apart from them,

Detached to better understand

Bear the burdens of being a man

With grace and determination

Break down but get up

Realise how much I

Have done

To do

Hoping someone else thinks me a good man

But still warned by who

Trust to an intrinsic sense of value

Check out my books

Elevated by a single moment

I will drift downstairs

Outside and back to adventure time

Wild animal monarch


love, masculinity, poetry, women

Walk Home

Awake but tired

Inured to rejection

Resigned to a tempo

Of life which doesn’t seem to slow down

But dancing anyway

Well, stood there and sweating,

Because I’m a man goddamnit

And if I dance at all

It is the restrained shuffle

Where my inhibitions

Have fled to finish their drinks

And left me boyish and playful

Otherwise I have

Stripped away

The thin layer of bullshit

And feel the truth on my skin

A king again

And the crown is heavy

The throne makes my ass numb

If sat too long

But look outside

Should you miss me

Tell the sunlight to send word

And I will send patronage

In as few words as possible

Mostly how fine you are

And then mock you a bit

With love,


We are all just

Walking one another home






Even if we have to make

The return in the dark


I saw you safe

And I always have

love, masculinity, poetry, women


There are those

Who you no longer see

But feel

Not ghosts nor enemies


Unresolved questions

Made into a smile

A light which is with me


And those who wish

Malign influence

Are denied it

For I have been walking


To witness only

My own events and learn

As much as celebrate

I feel the well wishes

The disdain

But bear them lightly

As their wisdom left marks

As guides to better states

beauty, life, love, poetry, women

Home is a person

I won’t miss the quiet


But my friends are with me

Discarded the things

Which didn’t give me joy

Always travelled light

But it is a great leap forward

But I’m not so much landing

As ascending

She makes me want to be better

In a way that

Resists the weak parts

And I’ve grown stronger

If a bit slower

But look

I’m heading up

Somewhere else

But still


Is a person

After all

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

In some small way

Quiet inside

come to you

Breathe you in

Nose against the nape 

Of your neck

Hands wandering around

Gruff chuckles

Giggles joining

Nothing I would call force

But a playful wrestle

Mark you in some small way

Make sure you know

Who you belong to

beauty, love, men, poetry, women

Vicious Angels

We are atoms

In collision


Through it all

I feel you

As I go about my purpose

Through pain and hunger

Late into the night

Even as disaster looms

Like vicious angels

I remain


And in this

You surrender

Gentle animal

Kind to everyone

Implicit strength

Leaner now

But still

Tuned into

The symphony of you

I hear it

Can pluck it from silence

No matter how hard

You may try

Tear down

Or build

When it comes to you

All the same

Isn’t it?

Now shut up and come here

I want you to feel me

With a force I’m not sure

Wouldn’t leave marks