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fire in the broken places

Apart from things

Which no longer hurt

Bled until my limbs grew numb

But walked until it clotted

There’s more to me

Than my failings 

Temporary flaws

Burned to flakes of white ash

In the fire of my determination,

so you see,

I am careful and quiet

In my appreciation

a warm arrogance 

and informed by

the quiet knowledge

I know I will survive

But touch my broken places

I’m stronger there

And does your touch

Reach past to the warmth

Which exudes there

Makes your palms damp

With its roiling heat.

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women


cover you in candyskin

so i can eat it off you

composed of licks

like masterful brushstrokes

against canvas

throb against me

because here,

i am the slow roll of thunder

building to a point where

you turn me into an animal

every nerve wired and directed

towards the release

inside you

but the storm builds

and the charge grows

trembling and thickening

pin you to the bed

force your thighs apart

because my want

is the path through the woods

and when i lay you down

sometimes rough with the want

you are not at grandmother’s house

but with a wolf

and so my tongue licks slow

warm and languid

cover you in candyskin

so i can eat it off you


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touch leaves marks

It’s in the breath

Thickened air

Each one lends weight

To the last

Carved over being grown

And all you need do

Is impress me as to

Whether I give the gift

Of myself to you

Laugh, call me arrogant

But no woman wants a lovable loser,

Sure, settle but you’ve done that,

And although I am not tuxedo and roses,

I am what nightmares run from,

You can feel small

Resting against me

My irrational self-confidence,

Isn’t so irrational

When my touch

Brings a small whimper to

The cupids bow of your lips

And I’m not insecure,

Because that implies

I’m not good enough,

And I am,

Not perfection because that’s dull and impossible,

You’d think I was some monster wearing a golden mask,

Rather than a beast who tried being a Prince,

And realised he could still be a beast

Without stockings or powdered wigs,

My touch leaves marks,

But they’re sigils,

Brands of intention which glow

When you see my face

Hear my voice




beauty, love, poetry, women

make it rain

In this

Even as sometimes

Notes get chorded 

With clumsy


But the song plays on

And when it’s my turn to

Solo I might drop the notes

Create dissonance

But I keep a straight face

Keep playing

Breathing open to the

Feeling and risking

Bringing it all down

In pursuit of something greater

Than myself

But there are storms 

Of wonder called 

By the music 

And even though the skies 

Might be bone dry

I’ll crank up the volume

And make it rain

Hot and sweet

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women


mask my feeling

before it reaches my face

but it finds its way

my fingers pressed

against your skin

gentle and powerful


the depth of want


i could

put you between my teeth

and fucking shake you

break you against the force

of my will

a moment’s surrender

and it is done

across your threshold

soak my fingers as you

say my true name

tear you away from

the ordinary world

and into mine

being born


in the same




love, masculinity, poetry

Wrestling Ghosts

Nothing you’ve done

Has been in expectation

Of reward

But you earn your place there

And the ghosts linger

Their parentage unknown

Past, present and future

Some of them wear your father’s face

And whisper shame into your bones

But you know your power

Sometimes fragile

And you are resolute

A coiled mastery of self

Which falters and you fear

Such missteps are cause for


But beneath there is pain

Rage and you keep those demons

In the bone classroom

They teach you

How to kill the ghosts

Say their name

Speak their fears rather than yours

You love bright and brilliant

And if you get it wrong

Then perfection itself is a glistening dream

You are everything you promised

Dispatched and arriving in stages

If only someone has the strength

To love past the lows

Back upwards into the light


love, masculinity, poetry, women

Fathers Shadow

father casts a long shadow

I walked along it 

To find him

found nothing

So built my own

A self constructed


If it seems fragile

That is because you weren’t

There to see the materials

I started with

All the triumphs and failures

All the things I cannot say

Everything I have loved

Lost, won and stolen

I am strong enough

test me all you want

My greatest battles

Lay ahead and behind me

Masculinity is like 

Being pregnant

Everyone congratulates

The achievement

But no one knows

How often I was fucked 

Before I got there.

So I cast my own shadow

But my children have someone

To run to

And you would be safe

As long as you wanted

Sift the darkness

and see all the stars