The Real World

I've been focused on the day job and have now qualified as an emergency call handler after a few weeks of work and a training course with certification. Art is a support system for life, and although the writing is a massive part of me, I am a firm believer in the value of working … Continue reading The Real World


Home is a person

I won't miss the quiet Squalor But my friends are with me Discarded the things Which didn't give me joy Always travelled light But it is a great leap forward But I'm not so much landing As ascending She makes me want to be better In a way that Resists the weak parts And I've … Continue reading Home is a person

Autumn Cycle

They emerge from hiding during the summer months, eyes shining with light the way ripe fruit teems with juice in the heat they frolic and cavort with a courage that borders upon madness but look oh look how high they leap Then they sense the waning evenings the longer nights decay tattooing it's sigil on … Continue reading Autumn Cycle

Walk With Me 

The wind through The trees Birds singing Such places serve as churches Watching the dog Snuffle see his world I am capable of fury My body aches from Focused labour Hands as weapons But also instruments Of divine exploration To caress the contours To open and penetrate All the world and it's pleasures Visible in … Continue reading Walk With Me 

I know your wildness

I know the wildness Within you I bring my nose Close to the nape Of your neck Snuffling and taking Delight in the knowledge Of my senses I know you, little one And how you are That you are wolf mother And mate Yet you are possessed with a want A force that weaker men … Continue reading I know your wildness

A rainbow

​you  a walking rainbow in person Brilliant clear blue Henna red and creamy white Seen but never reached Formed in perfect juxtaposition Of storm and sunshine Tried to walk But you were never Going to meet me  Halfway So instead I watch Until finally you fade Like you were never there